Wouldn't it be great to be able to have a cup of coffee just the way you want it at any time of the day? Well, you can. BUNN® My Cafe® MCU Single Serve Coffee Brewer makes that possible. You can make exactly what you want when you want with this single cup coffee maker right in your own home.

What Kinds of Beverages Can I Brew With the BUNN My Cafe MCU Single Serve Coffee Brewer?

You can brew both coffee or tea with the BUNN My Cafe brewer. Not only that, you can customize your drinks to be stronger or weaker, bolder or lighter and larger or smaller.

How Long Does a Brew Cycle Take With the BUNN My Cafe MCU Single Serve Coffee Brewer?

This is truly one of the best coffee machines to have around for someone who likes coffee and likes it fast. The My Cafe brews your hot drink in less than one minute. You'll be sipping hot coffee almost instantly with one of the best coffee makers on the market at home.

Do I Have To Use a K-Cup® Every Time I Want a Coffee?

No, you do not. The My Cafe can brew with K-Cups, but you can also use ground coffee, loose tea, tea pods or tea bags to brew your hot drink. You can choose just about whatever you want to make your cup of brewed coffee or brewed tea. The machine comes with four different brew drawers for this reason.

Is the BUNN My Cafe Easy to Operate?

Yes, it's very easy to use. Make sure there is water in the stainless steel water tank. Then put in whatever source you decide on for your drink, either a pod, tea bag, ground coffee or something else. Make your selections to customize your drink. You can choose the amount of water you want to be used and how bold you want the flavor to be. Then press the brew button. Less than a minute later, you'll be sipping on your chosen beverage.

Is This the Best Coffee Machine For a Small Space?

The BUNN My Cafe doesn't require much space at all. It will fit in any size home, even in small college dorm rooms.

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