The Budding Spring Bouquet will brighten anyone’s day at any time of year. With a variety of different flowers included in one bouquet, this arrangement will guarantee to bring a smile to whoever you sent it to as well as make the space smell like spring.

    What Specific Flowers Are Included?

    The flowers included with the Budding Spring Bouquet are six lavender stock, three white oriental lilies, three white snapdragons, five pink mini carnations, three green hypericum, four lavender daisy poms and four premium salal fern. With this variety, you can see why the bouquet has spring in its title. Some seasonal availability is a possibility and to ensure optimum freshness, different varieties may be substituted based on availability.

    Does Anything Else Come with the Flowers?

    The Budding Spring Bouquet does come with a vase in its shipment. Upon ordering, you can also leave a special message that will be included with the delivery of the beautiful spring flowers.

    How Should the Flowers Be Cared for Upon Delivery?

    The flowers are shipped completely dry so initially, the bouquet may appear “wilted” when they arrive. This is normal because the flowers have probably been without water for over 24 hours and are ready for a good long drink. It is extremely important to hydrate the flowers using the following instructions. Remove the flowers immediately upon arrival. Also, fill a clean vase with fresh, cool water and add the flower food that is provided with the shipment. Most importantly, using a sharp knife or scissors, make a clean cut of at least 1/2" from the end of the stem. Arrange and insert the fresh cut flowers in your prepared vase as quickly after the fresh cut is made as possible. Make sure you don’t place the flowers in direct sunlight, keep them in a cool location and repeat the re-cut and fresh water every three days to extend the life of the flowers.

    Please have someone available to receive and process the flowers on the delivery date.

    Please read Order Cancellation, Warranty and Important Delivery Information policies.

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