Broyhill’s Air Metrics 13” Six Chamber Air Mattress offers the luxury of a truly personalized sleep system with the comfort and cooling power of multiple Gel Memory foam layers. Unlike a traditional air mattress or spring support system, the Broyhill MG13 Air Bed utilizes three individually adjustable zones on each side of the bed to create customized firmness levels for the head, feet and lumbar sections on each side of the bed. Designed with an advanced lumbar system, the air bed provides the support essential for the sensitive lower back area. Two highly ergonomic LCD hand controls come standard with the mattress and allow the sleeper to dial in their unique comfort position from over 100 different options. Broyhill’s TPU technology ensures the air chambers are more durable and flexible than a regular rubber core and eliminates the rubber odor associated with other materials.

A 1” layer of Cooling GelLux Engineered Latex foam sits atop the six air comfort chambers. Using a state-of-the-art process, a liquid gel is fused with the highly responsive engineered latex to create a foam that provides a cooling and lasting option which is then coupled with high airflow channels. These vertical openings introduce refreshing airflow and circulation to the mattress, preventing the bed from becoming hot during the night. The GelLux layer is wrapped with a zip-off fabric sleeve that not only protects the foam but prevents friction and heat buildup. Layered above the GelLux layer is a 2” layer of Convoluted MicroTec Gel Memory Foam. The MicroTec foam offers all the same benefits of traditional memory foam but adds additional support as well as the ability to sleep cooler than other foams.

Encasing the entire mattress is an easy to remove Micro-Pure cover for quick mattress access and an even easier cleaning experience. Machine washing ensures you always have a clean and healthy sleep surface as well as a protective layer for your mattress. Breathable mesh fabric covers the entire perimeter of the mattress, releasing hot air from the mattress and enhancing your sleeping or relaxing experience.

Selecting Your Personal Broyhill Air Metrics Setting

Your Personalized Broyhill Air Metrics Sleep System setting is based on a unique set of characteristics that influence your sleep. These characteristics develop and change over the course of our life and are important guides for selecting the setting that is right for you. Sleeping partner, pregnancy, injury and aging all can influence your support requirements and Air Metrics selection. The Broyhill Air Metrics system embraces these life changes with intelligent technology to adapt to your changing needs.

Includes an Upholstered Adjustable Base

The upholstered adjustable base is specially designed to optimize comfort for back support and has a unique zero-clearance design, making it compatible with most standard platform beds without colliding with the wall or headboard during use. This design allows you to completely remove the legs and place your adjustable base on a platform bed, foundation base, or box spring. You may also leave the legs attached and place your adjustable frame inside of your current bed frame. The six adjustable legs have three different height options (4”, 6.5”, and 10.5”) allowing for more under-bed storage or for a better fit to your current unique bed frame. The adjustable base has a convenient wireless remote and comes pre-programmed with many standard comfort settings, as well as the option to relax in the weightless bliss of the zero-gravity position, which raises your head and feet to precise angles to offer total ergonomic comfort and support.

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