Treat your co-workers, friends or houseguests to this Member's Mark Breakfast Tray. With so many decadent treats on one tray, this may be more than enough to satisfy hunger.

What’s in Member's Mark Breakfast Tray?

On this large tray is an assortment of delicious pastries. While the tray offers a variety of tastes, each pastry has the flavor to satiate hunger and cravings. Having a tray like this makes it easier to keep people's stomachs full and faces smiling. With the choice between blueberry muffins, apple Danishes, cream cheese Danishes, raspberry Danishes, cinnamon rolls and crumb cakes, finding your favorite should be effortless.

How Convenient is This Breakfast Tray?

With 54 total pastries, this is an excellent choice for offices, homes and even schools. If you’re responsible for supplying a large number of people with tasty treats, then this can prove to be pleasantly convenient. With six different types of pastries available, you can offer people a wide selection of options, which they may appreciate greatly. And since it comes in a large tray, put this on display so that each pastry is accessible to anyone.

Designed For Freshness

This breakfast tray comes with a removable lid that’s made out of solid plastic. The plastic lid snaps onto the tray, which can help keep the pastries fresh for a longer period of time. Additionally, the lid can prevent potential spills.

To Be Enjoyed By All

Despite its professional display, this breakfast tray can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Take this to the office and supply your colleagues with flavorful treats or bring this to your young students during a celebration to fill them with glee.

Pastries Are Great With Refreshments

While this tray provides you with many different options, each one may go well with a variety of different refreshments. Whether you prefer your breakfast with coffee, milk or tea truly doesn't matter because these treats are delicious with all of them.

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