Large Urban Composter- a Bokashi composting/fermenting system from Australia perfect for city dwellers with little or no yard.  All types of food scraps are accepted (including meat, fish, veggies, fruit, dairy, coffee, etc).  Use with Urban Compost Accelerator and collect liquid fertilizer from spigot.  4 color options are available with very tight fitting lids (low odor and no flies).  The large unit is: 4 gallon capacity, 11 x 11 x 16, and weighs 1.65lbs.

Bokashi, a Japanese word for fermented organic matter, is a tried and true process for faster-than-normal anaerobic composting of all kitchen waste–including meat and dairy products–into a soil builder and nutrient rich organic "tea" for plants and vegetables. The concentrated liquid fertilizer is drained off with a convenient spigot and, when finished, the much reduced contents can be buried in the garden, flower bed or compost bin. This centuries-old practice is modernized and made more convenient with the Australian-manufactured Urban Composter system from Exaco Trading.

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