Make life simple with this robotic vacuum cleaner that doesn’t mind doing the house chores when you’re away. The bObsweep Standard Robotic Vacuum and Mop uses a TurboLift™ vacuum and extra-long main brush to gobble up crumbs and leftovers found on your floor. The larger-than-life dustbin is the largest in the industry; it hold up to one liter of debris. The bObsweep Standard even absorbs microscopic particles using HEPA filtration so your whole house feels fresher.

Consider the ease of the bObsweep Standard Robotic Vacuum and Mop instead of a handheld vacuum or a canister vacuum cleaner. Not only does it do the work of a mop and a vacuum, but you can create your own custom cleaning schedule for up to 7 days at a time. When the robot vacuum has a low battery, or is done with its daily chores, it will automatically return to its charging station.

Does this product come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a 2-year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on the Battery and a 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor.

How does this vacuum avoid falling down the stairs?

The bObsweep Standard Robotic Vacuum and Mop has obstacle sensors, so he knows how to maneuver around obstacles such as furniture and stairs.

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