Bleachsafe® 13"x13" Wash Cloths are ideal for hair salons, tanning salons, health spas and fitness centers, as well as anyone else who needs something more than the standard white washcloth that is safe for bleaching. Tough stains and odors are easy to remove and you can guarantee that your linens are fresh with the germ-killing power of bleach in the wash. Plus, the vibrant colors add a touch of style and hide dirt and stains better than white towels.

What is Bleachsafe Technology?

Embedded in the fibers of these washcloths, Bleachsafe features are designed to improve the integrity of the towels and prevent them from bleach stains and damage. The ability to use bleach on colored salon towels and cloths guarantees that your items will stay cleaner, longer by resisting damage and fading over time. The germs, bacteria and deep stains will come clean while the color stays in.

Are There Matching Bleach-Resistant Salon Towels Available?

The Bleachsafe collection includes washcloths and hand towels that come in a variety of colors. There is a set of brown bleach proof towels that goes with these Bleachsafe 13”x13” Wash Cloths. If you want to coordinate rather than match your towels and washcloths, there are plenty of other great colors so that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

How Do I Wash These Washcloths?

Because of the bleach-resistant technology, you can wash these cloths in hot water and bleach as needed with no need to worry about fading or damage caused to the material by the chemicals. Simply toss bleach-safe salon towels and cloths in the wash with the necessary soap and bleach, and wash common stains like hair dye, bronzers, make-up and others disappear while leaving your washcloths vibrant and fresh.

Where Can I Buy Bleachsafe 13”x13” Wash Cloths?

These Bleachsafe wash cloths are available for purchase online for Club members. Currently, these bleach-resistant towels and wash cloths are not available for purchase in Club locations. The item includes free shipping for Plus members. Convenient home or business delivery makes it easy to get the towels and linens that you need for your salon or spa.

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