Bleachsafe 13"x13" Wash Cloths, Black (24 pack)

Bleachsafe 13"x13" Wash Cloths, Black (24 pack)

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  • Bleach-resistant towels
  • Black color
  • 100% cotton
  • 24 pack
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Bleachsafe® 13"x13" Wash Cloths are a miracle of modern housekeeping—a dark towel that doesn't show stains from makeup, bronzer, hair dye or anything else you can put onto it, yet doesn't fade no matter how you wash it. It's truly hard to believe, but once you are convinced you'll wonder why it took so long to buy them in the first place. These towels are perfect for Airbnbs or short term rental properties, hotels, bed and breakfast properties, guest rooms, salons and spas. They are also 30% thicker than standard towels, offering a softer and plusher feel that contributes to them lasting longer and feeling new through more washes than a standard towel. They are a worthwhile investment because of their longer lifetime due to their lower frequency of stains, easier washing and sanitizing and increased durability. These towels may represent a higher upfront investment but they will pay for themselves many times over in their long useful life.

Can You Use Chlorine Bleach on Bleachsafe Wash Cloths?

Yes, even though these towels are black you can indeed use chlorine bleach or enzyme cleaners and they will never fade. They are truly bleach-safe towels and the bleach-proofing process is not a coating so it will not wash off or diminish as the towel is laundered more and more.

What Are the Best Bleach-Resistant Salon Towels?

These Bleachsafe Wash Cloths are ideal for salons because the black color does not get stained by hair dye and does not show the streaks or spots from dark makeup or bronzer. When dealing with a large number of beauty products or hair care chemicals, towels can quickly devolve and disintegrate into rags. These bleach-proof salon towels will never fade and can be washed with bleach to remove all bacteria and chemicals from previous uses. It's the most sanitary and most efficient bleach-safe salon towel.

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Stain the Towels?

No, these bleach-proof towels are also immune to stains from hydrogen peroxide-based acne creams or facial care medications.

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