With this Fruit Gushers™ Variety Pack, you can hand out a fan favorite snack and leave people satisfied.

    What’s in a Fruit Gushers Variety Pack?

    Gushers fruit snacks are bite-sized chewy treats that contain tasty fruit juice within the center. So once you take your first bite, you can experience a blast of juice that enhances the sweetness, making it even more delicious. In this one box, you’ll find two flavors: Strawberry Splash and Tropical Flavors.

    Who Makes Fruit Gushers Variety Pack?

    These Fruit Gushers come from General Mills, Inc., which is an American multi-national producer of some of the most popular snacks and treats that you see today. Founded over 150 years ago, the company is now an enormous success that prides itself on providing high-quality food with passion and care.

    Are Fruit Gushers Healthy?

    Gushers fruit snacks are gluten free and contain no artificial flavors. Additionally, they’re a good source of vitamin C, too, which is actually one of the most important vitamins that the human body needs. Without sufficient vitamin C, your body struggles to produce vital tissue. So, if you’re looking for a tasty way to reach your daily requirement for vitamin C, fruit gushers can be a worthwhile selection. And since each serving is only 90 calories, it’s easy to fit this into your day.

    Very Easy to Carry While You’re on the Road

    Since Gushers fruit snacks are divided into convenient little pouches, you can comfortably carry them in your pocket, book bag, or your purse with tremendous ease. While you’re laboring at the office and are in need of a quick snack, something like this can provide you with the energy and satisfaction that you need to complete the most crucial tasks. And if you’ve been searching for fruit flavored snacks to give to your children, this may be perfect.

    What are Some Fruit Gushers Recipes?

    Though you can eat your Gushers plain, you can also do neat things with them. For instance, you can use Fruit Gushers as toppings on your ice cream or place them within your brownies. If you’re feeling brave, you can mix them into your pancake batter or other baked goods. Basically, with these Gushers fruit snacks, you can let your imagination run loose.

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