Use professional-quality restaurant bar mops with Bar Mops with Green Center Stripe, 17" x 20" (24 pk.)

Made from 100% Cotton

These BBar Mops with Green Center Stripe are made from 100% cotton and offer you superior construction and weight to combine for a more absorbent and durable towel. These bar mop towels are essential for anyone working in the service industry as they will last for a long time.

Where Else Do You Use These Bar Mops?

For any homeowner looking to cut down on their paper towel usage, Bar Mops with Green Center help eliminate the need to buy multiple packs of paper towels. Interestingly, the use of paper has been ever increasing in modern times, even at the onset of our digital age.

What Are the Benefits of Cutting Down on Paper Usage?

Cutting down on your use of paper offers a lot of benefits for our environment. While offices and businesses still depend on paper for filing and records, everyone can reduce their use of paper at home by cutting down on paper towel usage. Using towels like these bar mops is one positive way to cut down on your paper uses. The first benefit of using less paper, as in paper towels in your home, is that you're contributing an impact of causing fewer trees to be cut down. However, perhaps an even larger impact you make by cutting down on paper usage is the result of reducing the transportation of paper. A lot of power and fossil fuels are used to transport papers from manufacturers to vendors to homes and businesses. Trading your paper towels for bar mop towels to clean your home is just one positive change you can make to help lead the world to a healthier, more stable environment. Not only that, but these bar mops are much more effective in cleaning up messes than paper towels and are easy to launder.

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