The 30" x 48" Bar-Height Hospitality Table with T-Base, Black/Mahogany (6 Pack) is a one-stop solution for your commercial bar height table needs. The durable construction is made to stand up to daily use and abuse by guests, hungry employees or rowdy bar patrons. The base is a space-saving T design. The bar coming down from the surface of the table forms the long pillar of the T, then the base splits into two shorter bars, forming the crossbar of the T. This slim style base is a precarious balancing situation, so one base is placed at each end of the rectangular counter height bar table. This is a great design for restaurants because it allows the table to straddle chairs and it allows patrons to be seated around the table and not have to straddle a support leg.

What Is the Base Made From?

The base of this bar height dining table is in two pieces, and each piece is made of cast iron. Cast iron is extremely heavy and is nearly indestructible. No amount of feet, even if they're wearing steel-toed boots, will kick this base enough to cause serious damage. Sure, it might scuff a little bit, but the bases are also powder-coated in black, so scuffing them is a feat in itself. They are easy to clean, so any scuffs will wipe right off.

Is the Top Mahogany or Black?

The surface of the 30" x 48" Bar-Height Hospitality Table with T-Base, Black/Mahogany can be switched between either mahogany or black. It is a dual-sided surface that features a rich mahogany veneer on one side and a smooth black finish on the other. Reversing the surface is easy, it just takes two bolts—one for each support leg—and a strong person to flip the top.

How Tall are High Bar Tables?

The 30" x 48" Bar-Height Hospitality Table with T-Base, Black/Mahogany is 42" high. Standard bar height is 42" to allow for bar height table and chairs to accommodate bar patrons who are both sitting and standing.

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