The 30" x 30" Bar-Height Hospitality Table with Round Base, Black/Mahogany (1 Pack) is a quick and easy solution to your bar-height table needs. High top bar tables are a great way to welcome guests into a space; it has been said by architects and interior designers that when people walk into a space, they are more comfortable if they don't feel like they are higher than everyone and everyone is looking up at them from below, like they are on display or sticking out. Rather, they feel more comfortable if they walk into a space and can look other people in the eye. They are not sticking out and they are slowly transitioned from walking in off the street into the more still and relaxed environment inside the restaurant, bar, community center or cafeteria into which they are entering. The Bar Height Hospitality Table Round Base - Black/Mahogany is a great way to make people feel welcome in your space, as it is a comfortable height for both sitting at high chairs or standing with a glass in their hand.

Is This Outdoor Bar Furniture?

No, this is not specifically meant to be an outdoor bar table, though because it is constructed using hard-wearing materials and is designed to be able to transition from one space to another, you could use it outdoors if you prefer. It should not be stored outdoors as it cannot be guaranteed to withstand the weather. In a pinch, it will make for a great bar-height outdoor table but should be moved back inside after your event ends or when it begins to rain or snow.

Is the Table Surface Round or Square?

ar-Height Hospitality Table with Round Base, Black/Mahogany is a round table with a round base. Round surfaces allow for more flexibility in the number of guests seated around one table.

Is This Table Versatile?

Very. In general, high top bar tables are easy to adapt to any space they're in. In addition to that, these tables have reversible surfaces and are extremely durable to withstand any level of use.

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