With the Backyard Discovery® 12' x 10' Brookdale Gazebo With Electric, you can make your backyard come to life. A backyard is a wonderful space in a property that can be used for a variety of things. In most places, you can start a garden, planting vegetables and getting some exercise during the process. You can choose a section of the backyard to dedicate to sports, like football, soccer or maybe even baseball if there's room. One of the benefits of having space is a backyard gazebo, a great place to make memories and share lots of activities. 

What Are the Benefits of Having an Outdoor Wooden Gazebo?

An outdoor gazebo can be used for many things. For properties sitting in front of large fields or beautiful views, an outdoor gazebo allows for a nice little sheltered area to enjoy the surrounding environment. Outdoor gazebos and pergolas offer a small private space, and in some situations, they can even be the center of wedding or prom pictures. A backyard pergola is more than a structure, it is a place to make memories. The Backyard Discovery 12' x 10' Brookdale Gazebo With Electric is a great structure to make memories and is even a pergola with electric capabilities.

Can I Watch Movies in the Backyard Discovery Brookdale Gazebo With Electric?

This Backyard Discovery Pergola with electric capabilities contains 120-volt outlets, allowing you to get creative. You can set up a small theatre and watch a movie if you'd like. The Brookdale Gazebo has lots of room, so speakers and other electric units can be installed.

Can the Platform Be Used for Events?

A Backyard Discovery Pergola can be used for many events, including entertainment. This outdoor gazebo is a great place for the DJ to set up his instruments, keyboard and laptop to provide entertainment for hours. Where there is music, there is dancing, so the platform can also fit all of the folks who want to dance right next to the DJ and the loudspeakers keeping the party alive.

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