The AvertX Cloud: A Simple and Convenient Approach to Security

Many surveillance camera systems have attractive specifications, but fail to perform when you need them. True security relies on the entire software and hardware ecosystem. Ease of use, hardware reliability, system health monitoring, and cybersecurity matter. The AvertX ProConnect cloud-managed platform was developed in the US with the goal of creating the most intuitive, secure, and reliable professional video surveillance system available.

  • Easy-to-use software developed by AvertX in the US (Hardware Imported)
  • Professional grade hardware
  • Cloud-based access, clip archive and sharing, health monitoring and management tools
  • No recurring subscription fee
  • Upgradeable to 24 Channels with external PoE switch (not included)
  • Cyber-secure architecture
  • US-based Pro Team technical support"

The Professional Difference

Experience the Professional difference with the AvertX ProConnect Video Security Platform. Take advantage of exciting new features like video export to the cloud and a dedicated Apple TV app to access and share video like never before. AvertX is constantly developing our ProConnect software, so you can enjoy new features and improvements for years to come. AvertX products are supported by our US‐based PRO Team and backed by a standard two‐year warranty.

Fast and Easy Search and Export

Often the most frustrating part of owning a surveillance system is finding the video you need. Using AvertX's exclusive Preview Search, you can find events with a visual difference before and after the event, like theft or vandalism, in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve found the video clip you need, all it takes is a few clicks to export to your AvertX Connect cloud account for secure storage or easy sharing via email.

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