The AVE-SIX Detour 15” Fabric Cube: Blue will help you continue to create the perfect living space with the multi-functional ottoman-style piece. It’s designed and engineered to provide a higher level of comfort and style to enhance the setting of any home environment. Like other unique designs by Avenue Six, the Detour 15” Fabric Cube is indistinguishable from traditional, more costly furniture.

What Are the Exact Dimensions of the Cube?

The AVE-SIX Detour 15” Fabric Cube is decisively a cube without any variation in the symmetrical structure so it literally is 15.0” L x 15.0” W x 15.0” H. It weighs approximately 4 pounds.

Is the Actual Color Blue?

While the description for the AVE-SIX Detour 15” Fabric Cube is listed as blue, some might say that the pictured color rests more in a teal or aqua shade of blue and not a traditional blue that some might assume.

Is the Cube for a Specific Space?

The AVE-SIX Detour 15” Fabric Cube can add function and design to any room at home, a dorm room, workspace, office or conference room. The cube isn’t just for home decoration as it limits the full possibilities that exist for the use of the Detour 15” design.

Can This Just Be Used as a Foot Stool?

AVE-SIX Detour 15” Fabric Cube is designed as a type of multi-use furniture. Use it as an ottoman-type footstool in your living room or add it as a side table next to your couch to pull out for games. Grab it from beside the couch or from under someone’s feet and offer it as a comfortable extra seating option to your guests.

What Materials Are Used in Construction?

The construction of this cube consists of blue mesh woven fabric and foam to create cube shape and design.

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