Duracell AGM Automotive Battery - Group Size 48 (H6)

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Model # 48 / H6 |

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  • 12-volt Duracell battery
  • Top post end type
  • 20-amp hour rating: 70
  • Right post positive
  • Maintenance-free design
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More cars are moving to a higher performance batter such as the AGM battery. The Duracell® AGM Automotive Battery – Group Size 48 is made to handle extreme weather like no ordinary battery can. Use it in SUVs, LTVs, APVs, or any car that requires an AGM battery.

What Is an AGM Battery?

Absorbed glass mat, or AGM, battery design allows the electrolyte to wick between the battery plates. There is only enough electrolyte liquid in the battery to keep the glass mat moist. If for some reason the battery cracks, there is not enough liquid to leak out of the casing.

Can You Recharge Duracell AGM Automotive Battery – Group Size 48?

The Duracell battery is a fully rechargeable battery. Before recharging, pay attention to the charger type you need to use. Different battery sizes require different chargers. Never leave the battery connected to the vehicle when charging. It is best to remove the AGM battery entirely from the car before joining to the charger. Charge time varies per charger so check the manufacturer's instructions. You do not want to overcharge the battery. Only charge in a well-ventilated area. Note that this is not a deep cycle battery appropriate for marine use.

How Do You Maintain Duracell Battery?

Duracell AGM Automotive Battery – Group Size 48 is a maintenance-free battery. However, there are some basic things you can do to ensure it lasts. Make sure that you keep the battery dry and clean at all times. Check the levels in your battery regularly. Never add additives to your Duracell battery. You should also periodically check the charge on your battery to ensure it is working at peak proficiency.

When Do You Recharge Your AGM Automotive Battery?

You will know it is time to recharge your battery if your vehicle does not work. However, you can mitigate this problem if you keep periodically check the battery charge. It would be best if you allowed the AGM battery to discharge to 50% of its charge. Once at 50% or below you can recharge to full capacity and lengthen your battery life.

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