The Augason Farms® Hard Red Wheat Pail (40 lbs.) is a long-lasting product that is great for everyday use and emergency food storage. This is a 6-gallon pail with a handle and airtight sealed lid.

What Is the Shelf Life of the Hard Red Wheat?

The shelf life of the Augason Farms emergency food is about 30 years, but it varies and is affected by temperature and moisture. The pail is designed with an airtight seal and has oxygen absorbers that remove all oxygen for greater preservation of the wheat over a long period of time.

How Should the Hard Red Wheat be Stored?

The Augason Farms Hard Red Wheat Pail should be stored in a cool, dry environment, between 55°F and 70°F. Heat will shorten the storage life of the wheat so keep cool for longer storage life. Use the airtight sealed lid to keep the Augason Farms wheat secure when storing.

Should You Be Worried If the Pail Gets Dented?

You do not need to be worried if the pail gets dented. It is common for pails to endure normal wear-and-tear or from air pressure changes when changing altitudes. These dents are normal and not harmful as long as the seal has not been broken at the bottom or top of the pail. If the seal has been broken, wheat quality will likely suffer. All pails come with an airtight seal and oxygen absorbers that will remove the oxygen in the pail for greater preservation in the long-term. This helps preserve the wheat, but can possibly cause the sides of the pail to push in when the oxygen is removed.

What Can You Make with Hard Red Wheat?

The Augason Farms Hard Red Wheat Pail is great for both everyday and emergency food storage. The Augason emergency food can be used with cereal or salads. It can also be ground into all-purpose flour for baking bread. The red wheat is a healthy option known for its high protein content.

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