How prepared are you in the event of an emergency? What would you do if you were suddenly unable to buy the groceries that you needed because there was a shortage of food? What if there was a natural disaster? What would you do? Having emergency food storage available can help to make sure you don’t have to worry in those cases. This Augason Farms® Emergency Food Storage Kit (1 year, 1 person) could be a good option for you to have at your home.

What Are the Benefits of the Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage Kit?

When you have food stores at your home, it means that you will have more peace of mind than those who don’t. This food has a long shelf life, and it can work well for your home, as well as for cabins, on boats, in campers and even in your vehicle. In addition, even though this is an emergency food supply marketed for one person, it could be used by a couple or a family. It can last two people for six months and four people for three months.

What Comes in the Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage Kit?

Those who choose this Augason emergency food will find a wide range of different meals that are quite appetizing. There are options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. Some of the items found in this kit include vegetables, grains, fruits, dairy and a selection of proteins.

Do You Need to Wait for Emergencies?

While these emergency food kits are typically used for emergency situations, it doesn’t mean that they have to be. You could choose to buy these kits and then simply use them throughout the year as your regular meals rather than going to the grocery store all of the time. Having Augason Farms food storage kits that you can use now, and that you can have for an emergency, could be a way to reduce your food budget each year.

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