Ideal for compact spaces with its petite design and powerful performance, the Atrium by Design House® Ceiling Fan with Light Kit is suitable for any room in your home.

How Many Speed Options?

The Atrium by Design House 30" 6-Blade Ceiling Fan offers you a pull chain to control a three-speed motor and to toggle between different speed settings. In addition to the three different speed settings, the rotation of the blades can be reversed to control air flow. For example, you can run the motor in reverse to help conserve energy costs during all seasons, or you can run the blades on their normal setting during the summer to create cooling air flow in your room. Running the ceiling fan blades in reverse during the winter allows it to re-circulate warm air from the ceiling to keep you warmer without running up the heating bill.

Adaptable Light Kit

The adaptable light kit coming with the Atrium by Design House Ceiling Fan features lights that shine through a frosted, opal glass in order to match the blades that are finished in white on one side and with a bleached oak finish on the top side of the blades. The ceiling fan measures 30 inches long and adds a dramatic accent to any home, apartment or condominium.

Is There a Warranty?

This ceiling fan with lights comes with a 10-year limited warranty that protects against defects in materials and in workmanship. Design House also offers products in multiple home décor categories including lighting, ceiling fans, hardware and plumbing products. Design House offers you years of hands-on experience, understands every aspect of the home décor industry and devotes itself to providing quality products across the home décor spectrum. No matter the case, Design House strives to provide value to their customers by using industry leading merchandising solutions and innovative programs.

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