The ArtSkills® 90 Count 4 Pack Crayons includes 90 packs that each contain 4 crayons. Each pack contains one each of blue, green, yellow and red crayons. Because of their affordability and size, these crayon packs are great for restaurants, childcare and daycare, businesses, schools, churches and parties. These big crayons come in a carrying case with a handle for easy travel.

What Are Some Art Projects Involving Crayons?

With the ArtSkills 90 Count 4 Pack Crayons, you'll have plenty of crayons to use for a variety of projects at schools, parties or daycare. Help toddlers make leaf rubbings by placing a piece of paper atop a leaf and rubbing a crayon on top until an image of the leaf appears.

Sandpaper art creates textured artwork. Distribute squares of sandpaper and direct the children in using the four-color crayon packs to draw bumpy pictures.

Use painters' tape to make a shape on a piece of cardstock or heavy paper. Then scribble on top with the crayons. When you're ready, pull off the tape to reveal the shape underneath, which will be the color of the paper.

What Are Some Crayon Craft Activities?

ArtSkills 90 Count 4-Pack Crayons can be incorporated into crafts. Making paperweights can be a fun activity for older children. Heat clean, dry rocks on a baking tray at 300 degrees F for 10 to 15 minutes. Carefully remove them from the oven and use tongs to place them on top of flattened aluminum foil (to protect the table). Children can then "paint" the rocks by touching a crayon to them, which will instantly melt and ooze waxy color.

Or use the crayons as a colorful building material, gluing it to the edges of a picture frame, or atop a cardboard circle to form a crayon wreath. Hot glue broken crayons together to make sculptures.

About ArtSkills

Founded in 1987 in Easton, Pa., ArtSkills is a family-owned company that makes a wide range of art materials.

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