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  • Model Number - BN1350G
  • Output Capacity - 1350VA / 810 Watts
  • AC Power Surge Protection
  • Power-saving Outlets
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    APC BN1350G “Green” UPS

    With 10 outlets, 5 battery backed up and 5 surge protection only, the BN1350G (1350VA/810 watts) provides continuous battery back-up to protect your computer's sensitive data through severe brownouts and complete blackouts. The BN1350G also provides surge protection for all connected electronic devices along with a coax and Ethernet line. With USB connectivity, the BN1350G also allows you to gracefully shutdown your computer to save your critical electronic documents.

    What make the BN1350G “Green”?

    In APCs constant drive to be a leading socially responsible company, we have also developed this unit to be environmentally friendly, or "Green". The BN1350G includes a unique feature known as the Master/Control outlets. As a current sensing outlet, the master outlet will turn off the 3 controlled outlets when the device plugged in to it is turned off, typically the computers CPU. Therefore, rather than sending those devices into a hibernate mode, this will completely turn off the “vampire loads” of periphery devices such as printers, external hard drives and speakers and save up to $48 annually in electricity costs. The BN1350G also a high efficiency charger in order to optimize its power use, meets the strictest global environmental standards and utilizes packaging made entirely from recycled materials.

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