Keep your home/office clean with Plush Tuff™ Indoor Entrance. This top-selling mat provides elegance yet protects floors and carpeting from the damaging effects of tracked-in moisture. Its basic design also looks great in almost any decor style

Why Get Plush Tuff™ Indoor Entrance Mat?

The Plush Tuff Indoor Entrance Mat is a simple and effective solution to dirty house floors. This entrance mat will stop grime from getting any deeper inside your house. Featuring heavy-duty Olefin fibers, the Plush Tuff mat provides excellent durability and long-lasting color.

Durable Door Mat Material

With these doormats, you don't have to worry about soiling them. Made from thick, plush, olefin cut-pile yarn construction, the fibers used are coarse and sturdy enough to be roughed out and stomped on without getting ruined. It's also stain- and fade-resistant, so whatever you may have stepped on outside, it's no match for this entrance mat. Water-absorbent and water-resistant, this is great for rainy days too. No more leaving wet or muddy footprints around your home.

Stays in Place

When it comes to doormats, you need one that doesn't move around when you scrape your feet on it. Otherwise, you can accidentally step on the floor instead of the mat. Luckily, these doormats feature a slip-resistant vinyl backing, which helps it stick to the ground like glue. Not only does this help prevent you from dirtying the floor, but it also provides extra grip and resistance for scrubbing off the dirt from your shoes.

Perfect for Any Household or Business

These indoor doormats are perfect for your home. They also work great for high-traffic entrances as they can collect a lot of dirt and stop it from spreading. With its simple design, you can place these doormats anywhere without it looking out of place. Its dark color also does an excellent job at disguising the dirt and grime stuck to it, making your home look that much more attractive.

Who Makes these Indoor Door Mats?

These indoor doormats are made by the company, Apache Mills. They're one of the leading manufacturers of floor mats, and they produce all of them in the USA. Selling a variety of mats worldwide ranging from doormats, kitchen mats, bath mats, comfort mats, sports mats and more, Apache Mills are known for their innovation and creative designs. They're also environmentally conscious and take every chance they get to make their mats with recycled and eco-friendly materials.

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