all® PowerCore™ Pacs Plus Removes Tough Odors (90 ct.) are all-in-one superheroes of laundry legends. all PowerCore laundry detergent will confront any load, big or small, with the confidence and stain-lifting power of an entire laundry army. Marching down the front lines, these all PowerCore Pacs Plus Removes Tough Odors are combined with all Stainlifter plus whitening power safe for colors. That means not only will odors be lifted and destroyed for eternity, but your colors will also come out more vivid and your whites will shine even brighter. Stains will be no match for the all PowerCore detergent packed into every little pod. Laundry day—even if it's every day—will never be the same after you try all PowerCore pods. All you have to do is toss one pod in each load, and you're done. No more measuring, no more messy cups or drips down the front of your machine. No more detergent staining your clothes or waiting for the water to fill up to dilute the detergent. Just throw in your clothes, throw in a pac and walk away. Watch all Stainlifter detergent work its magic.

What Is PowerCore?

PowerCore, despite the name, is not a trendy new exercise class. But it will remove the pungent sweat from every piece of your workout wardrobe in just one wash. It removes tough odors and keeps them out with a long-lasting clean laundry scent. This potent detergent system is patented for a reason—no other brand delivers the cleaning power of all PowerCore.

Is all Brand Laundry Detergent Safe for HE Machines?

Yes, you can use all PowerCore Pacs Plus Removes Tough Odors in any washing machine, including high-efficiency machines. These pacs are safe for all machines and even HE machines will experience the potent punch of PowerCore.

Are These Pacs Safe for Colors?

Yes, any clothing or linens you throw at all PowerCore pacs will be improved by their cleaning power. Whites will be brightened, colors will be deepened and saturated and stains will disappear. Odors don't stand a chance, no matter what color garment, towel or sheet they're on.

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