Depend on the stylish and eco-friendly set of Aul Gres Fry Pans from Moneta for your cooking and searing needs. Moneta's proprietary ceramic coating process provides you with a ceramic coating with a shiny, non-porous surface guaranteeing a long-term release, even under intense and stressful use.

A shiny, non-porous surface is created through Moneta's proprietary coating process, which guarantees a long-term release, unprecedented among ceramic coatings. These are the ideal pans for searing foods, making pancakes, cooking eggs and more.

A unique Energysaver® feature on the thermo-chromic flame guard near the handles indicates optimum temperature has been reached when a green leaf appears, allowing you to reduce temperature setting as the aluminum body will retain the heat. Once the heat is off, the green leaf logo will in time disappear notifying you that it is safe to be touched and cleaned.

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