Keep a supply of nutritional food on hand in the event of an emergency or natural disaster with the Augason Farms® Emergency Food Supply.

What Comes in This Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply?

Buyers of the Augason Farms emergency food get enough to adequately feed four people for a week, which translates to over 2,000 calories per day, per person. In addition to the food supplies, the emergency food kits include essentials such as fuel/fire starters, waterproof matches, cooking and measuring vessels, a portable stove, first aid kit, as well as camping and survival tools.

What Kinds of Foods Will Be Included in the Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply?

The emergency food storage buckets have breakfast foods like pancakes and cereal, dried fruits and even milk alternatives. The Augason emergency food pails for lunch and dinner feature soups, pasta dishes, meat and rice dishes and more. There is also a variety pail and a one-person, 72-hour pail included.

How Long Can You Keep the Augason Farms Food Storage Pails and Rations?

If left unopened, the product is supposed to remain shelf-stable and safe for up to 20 years. Upon opening, the emergency food supply should be consumed quickly. To ensure optimal shelf life, it is best to keep the vessels in a cool, dry and dark space that does not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit or get any colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, if possible.

Can You Get More Out of the Supplies Than One Week?

Yes, the four-person/one-week recommendation is for a daily caloric intake of 2,400 per person. This is not the amount needed for children and many adults, though. The product is packaged and labeled according to government guidelines, but fewer calories may be required and so it is possible to stretch food supplies. However, a minimum of 1,700 per day is strongly recommended.

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