Aerating Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 8

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Throw out the decanter – this amazing set of glasses is designed with special ridges to aerate the wine as you sip. Simply pour, swirl and enjoy!

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  • 8 stemless wine glasses
  • Each glass holds 16 oz.
  • Aerates your wine while you swirl
  • No need for a decanter
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Why use a decanter when you can have this set of Aerating Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 8?

What's Aeration?

Aerating a wine exposes it to oxygen and triggers oxidation and evaporation. Oxidation is the process that turns your fruits brown and evaporation turns liquid into vapor. With aeration, the undesirable compounds of wine tend to evaporate faster than the desirable, tasty aromas and flavors. A few of the undesirable compounds reduced by aeration are sulfites, sulfides and ethanol. Sulfites are added to wine to prevent oxidation and microbial growth but often smells like burnt matches, and the naturally-occurring sulfides often smell like onions or eggs. Meanwhile, ethanol is what can make your wine smell like rubbing alcohol. Luckily, aerating can reduce the strength of these volatile chemicals.

What's a Decanter?

As opposed to Aerating Stemless Wine Glasses, decanters are red wine glasses that are used to hold full bottles of red wine and to aerate the wine. As wine is slowly poured into a decanter, the wine takes in oxygen and its aromas and flavors begin to open up. However many opponents to decanting claim that it exposes the wine to too much oxygen and actually reduces the wine's natural aromas and flavors.

Lose the Decanter

With Aerating Stemless Wine Glasses, you can lose the decanter. These stemless wine glasses allow you to aerate your wine one cup at a time, rather than having to aerate the entire bottle by pouring it into a decanter. To aerate, simply swirl the crystal wine glasses when filled with the wine. The engraved wine glasses contain embossed ridges that allow the wine to become exposed to oxygen and to open up their aromas and flavors. And these aren't just red wine glasses, you can also use these glasses to aerate your white wines. Many white wines tend to taste awkward or thin if they are not aerated. Once aerated in these drinking glasses, you can enjoy a fuller aroma and flavor.

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