Don't risk damaging scratches and unnecessary wear and tear to your precious pots and pans. Protect your cookware with this set of Range Kleen Cookware and Bakeware Storage Protectors, including a variety of sizes in vibrant colors.

These eco-friendly protective pads go between items in storage to protect from sliding scratches and damage that can happen from stacking and nesting items in order to save space. Great for the pantry, in cabinets and anywhere you stack items that need protection, these reusable and hand-washable protectors will keep your pots and pans safe and sound.

Use them to protect all of your valuable cookware, including nonstick, stainless steel, stoneware, enamelware, aluminum, ceramic coatings, cast iron and more, like bakeware and serveware. Give them a try on easy-to-scratch surfaces under platters and bakeware to prevent surface damage.

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