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9-9.5 mm Black Drop Tahitian Pearl with Diamond-Accent Dangle Earrings in 14K White Gold

Item # 980045363
Model # SAMS00408 |

Product Details

About this item

  • 9-9.5 mm drop black Tahitian pearls with 8 round-cut diamonds
  • Dangle design
  • Masterfully set in precious 14 Karat Rose Gold
  • Comfortably secures with butterfly backs
  • Shipped in jewelry gift box
current price: $429.00
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Crafted in elegant white gold, these beautiful earrings feature black Tahitian pearls and shining diamonds in a vintage design. Coveted for their exotic beauty, black Tahitian pearls add a mystic element to your look.  This brilliant drop design that can be worn with formal wear and to any special occasion. A splendid addition to your jewelry collection.

What is the history of Tahitian pearls?

Tahitian pearls are a modern marvel—only entering the retail market in the 1970s and picking up popularity in the 80s. Because the pearl oysters that produce them require very specific conditions, the pearl still remains relatively rare despite the success of Japanese culturing in the 1900s.

Where do you find Tahitian pearls?

Tahitian pearls are pearls found in oysters located in French Polynesia. Instead of appearing white, cream-colored or pastel, they are naturally dark—think shades of grey—with a metallic-like finish or iridescent sheen. Not only do these pearls only come from a specific part of the world, but because they come in different shapes, finding a round pearl can be rare.  

What do black Tahitian pearls symbolize?

Not your classic pearls, Tahitian pearls are less commonly spotted and not to be confused with a preppy stand of glossy white beads. Called the “queen of pearls,” the mysterious dark color gives them allure. They are also a symbol of prosperity, wisdom and love. 

How should I style these earrings?

These earrings can be paired with most casual outfits in solid colors, floral prints and checks. They will especially look good with whites and greys. A subtle hint of shine in these earrings will make your face sparkle each time you wear them.

How are diamonds created?

Diamonds are formed deep beneath the earth surface, created under intense pressure and brought to the surface by hot volcanic activity.

What do diamonds symbolize?

Diamonds have been admired by objects of desire since ancient times and have been adorned by women and men for centuries for many reasons. Believed by Ancient Romans & Greeks to be the tears of gods or pieces of falling stars, diamonds are also said to have influence beyond love. Diamonds are said to bring the wearer great strength, protection, and clarity. Worn as protection in battle, diamonds have been embellished throughout histories & cultures.

What is the history of diamonds?

Diamonds have always been a sign of wealth, worn by elite classes and wealthy rulers—but in addition to being displayed as adornment and good luck charms, diamonds were also used as carving tools and even digested as medicine. The first diamonds were found in India and traded along the Silk Road, but as the supply dwindled in South Asia, other countries, including Brazil and South America, became the new suppliers. Today, production has increased to about 100 million carats per year across the globe.

What inspired this design?

This design is inspired by a dark sky filled with twinkling, shimmering stars. Each time you adorn these earrings you'll be remined of the unique beauty of the dark sky. Black Tahitian pearls have an unmatched elegance that makes these beauties stand out. A sophisticated addition to your jewelry collection.

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