Choosing the correct wine rack is as important as selecting a piece of furniture. You want something that properly stores your wine collection, but also looks like it belongs in your home. The Antiqued Steel and Wood Wine Rack from Wine Enthusiast is the perfect solution, combining function with elegance for attractive wine storage.

Featuring beautiful steel scrollwork with an antique bronze finish, the design adds a warm, rustic accent to any room. And with a wooden top, there's extra room for wine glasses, bar accessories and hor d'oeuvres. The wooden panel door features a slide lock for an extra touch of old-world charm that actually functions when you add your own padlock.

Expertly crafted from antiqued steel and wood, it's a heavy-duty wine jail that's designed first and foremost for wine storage. Built to display 48 bottles of wine, the wine jail stores bottles horizontally to ensure the wine stays in contact with the cork for maximum freshness and flavor.

While vertical and tilted wine storage keeps the sediment away from the cork to prevent spoilage, they cannot keep the entire wine corks moist at all times. This results in the cork becoming dried out, letting air in and ruining the wine. For long-term storage, keeping your wine collection horizontal is the best way to ensure no wine spoilage occurs, as the cork is in constant contact with liquid. The sediment settles in the middle of the bottle, far enough away from the cork that you'll never have to worry about spoilage.

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