Muscle Rack 5-Level Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving

Muscle Rack 5-Level Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving

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  • Adjusts easily
  • 2,500 pound capacity
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Use anywhere, with all types of equipment
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There are plenty of reasons to have Muscle Rack® 5-Level heavy-duty Steel Shelving. Whether it is for your garage, utility closet, or other storage space, heavy-duty steel shelving makes keeping things organized easy. Muscle Rack shelving is the top of the line in terms of garage shelving units. Their heavy-duty shelving unit is notable for holding massive amounts of weight. These stainless steel shelves are perfect for storing lots of different heavy items.

When deciding how to use heavy-duty shelving, the key is knowing exactly what type of items need to be stored. Whether it is lawn equipment, cleaning supplies or lots of assorted IT equipment, you can rest assured that your stuff won’t fall off the shelves and break. The high weight capacity makes these shelves incredibly reliable.

Why are Steel Shelves Reliable?

The simplicity of the design of steel shelves are why they are perfect for storying heavy-duty items. First, start with the rectangle. The wide base of the rectangle means the shelves are far less likely to tip over if a heavy item is placed near the edge. This basic geometric shape is reinforced by the other rectangles. As more shelves are place onto the frame, the shelving unit becomes far stronger than if there was just one shelf present.

The other reason these shelves are ideal for heavy-duty storage is the industrial steel frame. These frames are made from the same type of steel that is used in construction. The steel is light in weight but is high in density. Dense steel is ideal for heavy-duty storage because it won’t bend or flex with ease. Furthermore, the attachment points are designed to anchor into the structure, giving yet another point of strength to the shelves.

What are the Best Ways to Use Steel Shelves?

The first step when storing items is to find a good location for the shelves. Shelves should rarely be free standing because items can be placed on the shelves, stick out, and snag someone as they walk by. These snags could case the shelves to tip over. Instead, use the shelves against a wall or in a corner. This adds strength to the shelves and allows them to be even more useful.

The other thing to do is place the heavier items on the bottom. This is also true for items that are a bit fragile. Power tools should be placed here, as that would be an expensive problem if the tool fell off the shelf by accident and broke. Also, by having the heavier items on the bottom, it will provide even more stability for the shelves.

Using Steel Shelves in the Home

There are some interesting places you can use steel shelves besides the garage or closet. One of the best places is the kitchen. If you have an industrial kitchen, then these shelves are the perfect place to store the pots, pans and other types of dinnerware.

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