For many people, afternoon tea is as much a relic as Victorian-era hoop skirts and uncomfortably tight corsets. Nowadays, who has time to eat tiny smoked salmon or cucumber sandwiches served on fine china while sipping a hot beverage? Not us. We’re lucky if we have time to grab a beverage at the drive-through on our way to work. And then we must hope it doesn’t spill. A better option is to grab a Raspberry Tea-flavored 5-hour™ TEA shot from the makers of 5-hour ENERGY®. Every bottle contains the vitamins, nutrients and caffeine derived from green tea leaves that you need to power through your day.

Unlike formal tea service in the 19th century, it doesn’t require fancy plates or cups. And it’s small enough to fit into a purse or bag, with no refrigeration required. Try that with a tea set.

Just remove the top and take the shot. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like your energized self again – and the effects last for hours. You’ll be able to get back to work or whatever it is that you have to do.

Try a Raspberry Tea-flavored 5-hour™ TEA shot today and leave the fine china in grandma’s cabinet.

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