Supremely lovely and incredibly bold, no jewelry collection is complete without this heart halo cocktail ring. Crafted in radiant 14-karat yellow gold, it features a whopping heart-cut, citrine surrounded by glittering diamonds in a halo design, along with shimmering diamonds beautifully embellishing its shank. This style represents the combination of natural sophistication and beauty and will make you look stunning.

When was heart shaped jewelry popularized?

Heart shaped jewelry has been popular since the 15th and 16th century, though traces have been found of jewels containing the heart shape even during the middle ages. Gorgeous pieces of jewelry containing this pretty shape flood the market today. One of the most popular shapes, it is widely used as an expression of love.

What is citrine?

The natural warm yellow color makes citrine a special stone. A relatively hard stone, the citrine is gaining popularity due to its gorgeous color, durability, affordability and good looks. Citrine's beauty has made it a fashion favorite and it has become a red carpet special too.

Where is citrine mined?

Most citrine is mined in Brazil. Natural citrine can also be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, in Dauphine, France, and in Madagascar.

Why are diamonds associated with love?

Perhaps one of the earliest associations between diamonds and romantic love dates back to classical antiquity as it was believed that Cupid's arrows were tipped with dazzling diamonds. Still the top ranked gemstone among brides and gemstone shoppers, diamonds add a luxurious touch. On this ring, the timeless gem generates maximum sparkle thanks to its feminine halo setting with a slim diamond-covered band to match.

What is the history of diamonds?

Diamonds have always been a sign of wealth, worn by elite classes and wealthy rulers—but in addition to being displayed as adornment and good luck charms, diamonds were also used as carving tools and even digested as medicine. The first diamonds were found in India and traded along the Silk Road, but as the supply dwindled in South Asia, other countries, including Brazil and South America, became the new suppliers. Today, production has increased to about 100 million carats per year across the globe.

What inspired the design?

Wear your heart on your finger, is what this ring spells. A striking piece, this beauty will make a statement of your splendour each time you wear it. A perfect go to ring for those special evenings.

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