When it comes to proper maintenance and cleaning, you can’t get by with a little bit of power. Fortunately, the Simpson® PowerShot 4000 PSI at 3.3 GPM has the power you need for all your pressure washing needs. With 4,000 PSI this Simpson pressure washer can take out the most stingy of dirt and grime.

Having a Honda pressure washer engine, this model has the power to clean even the most stubborn of messes. With a host of accessories for all types of jobs, pressure washing has never been easier. Whether you are cleaning a facility or getting a fleet back to being shiny, this pressure washer does the job every time.

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

The key to this pressure washer is the Honda engine. Long a reliable name in engines, Honda’s engine is perfect for this pressure washer. Pumping out 3.3 gallons per minute at 4,000 PSI is not an easy job, but this engine makes it seem like a walk in the park. As the water is sent into the machine, the engine creates the force needed to propel it out with proper pressure. The combination of the engine’s power and the different nozzles makes sure the water has nowhere to go except where the wand is pointed.

Part of a pressure washer is how the soap is integrated. With a detergent injector system, you can rest assured the proper soap to water ratio is achieved as you are washing even the toughest of surfaces. The pneumatic wheels make it easy to maneuver even over some of rough terrain as well. The large, wide wheel base keeps the pressure washer stable regardless of where you wander off to.

What Surfaces Should a Pressure Washer be Used On?

Pressure washers should be used on hard, durable surfaces. With 4,000 psi it is possible to clean very difficult areas with ease. However, this means you must be careful about what is being cleaned. Soft wood and other types of surfaces like this could be damaged by such a powerful pressure washer. Therefore, keep this pressure washer on hard surfaces like concrete and metal.

With the different nozzles, there are lots of options for cleaning these surfaces. Blasting off dirt and grime is easy with the zero-degree nozzle. This nozzle sends the water directly at the problem area. Most of the time, you will notice how quickly the dirt flies off. The other nozzles perform a variety of functions. These nozzles make a pressure washer work with some other surfaces, for example, some nozzles turn the pressure wash into more of a spray that will clean, but not strip a surface.

Pressure Washer Safety

It is always important to be safe with a pressure washer this powerful. Make sure the wand is always pointed down and away from you. Do not have the wand engaged when other people are in the vicinity of it. This could lead to injury. A good rule of thumb is if you’re not sure if the pressure washer is too strong for a job, avoid using it on that job. Do research first, especially on one this powerful.

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