Reorganize your garage and workspace with the Edsal® Heavy-Duty Black Steel 4-Level Shelving Unit. Whether you're trying to find a spot to put all of your tools, need a place to put your seasonal decorations or simply have an overflow of household items, the four-level shelving unit can help you keep things in order. Made of durable black steel, the unit is designed to withstand any conditions, making it the perfect set of shelves for your garage. Declutter your home and have a spot for everything with this convenient industrial unit.

Can I Adjust the Shelving Height?

The upper and lower shelves should remain near the top and bottom of the unit for ample stability, but the two middle shelves can be adjusted to allow for taller items. Shelving can even be moved after being installed should your space needs change. Before adjusting shelving height, be sure to clear all items from the metal shelving unit.

What Is the Weight Capacity of the Edsal Heavy-Duty Black Steel 4-Level Shelving Unit?

The garage shelving units are built to hold approximately 800 lbs each. The unit, in total, is rated for up to 3,200 lbs. Don't try to move the shelving unit when it is full of items.

Keep Your Life Organize

Four durable shelves allow you to take the clutter from your home and spread it out. Should you need a place for overflow of household necessities like toilet paper, paper towels and laundry detergent, the Edsal Heavy-Duty Black Steel 4-Level Shelving Unit can help. Keep it in your garage to keep items out of sight but conveniently located nearby when in need of replenishing.

Additional Uses for the Heavy-Duty Black Steel Shelving

Along with placing items on the four individual shelves, the black metal shelving unit has another spot to store items. The individual rungs on each leg can be used to hang light items that you may not want to lay down on the shelves. Stick to lightweight items to prevent tipping the heavy-duty unit.

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