When you need a quality commercial floor fan that is capable of providing you with the power you need to keep things cool and to keep the air flowing, consider the Big Air 24" Drum Fan with Tilting Feature seen here. It has some nice benefits that could make it the next fan you choose.

Why Choose the Big Air 24" Drum Fan with Tilting Feature?

When you are looking for a Big Air shop fan, you will want to consider just what size fan might work well for your needs. This particular fan is nice and large, and it can provide users with a substantial amount of airflow. The large drum fan can be tilted 180 degrees. These industrial, large fans have wheels that snap on and 22-gauge steel housing for added durability. Users will find that the fan also has two speeds, which makes it possible to adjust for the airflow and the cooling.

Where Can You Use the Big Air 24" Drum Fan with Tilting Feature?

A quality commercial drum fan can be used in a range of different locations with great effect. You could use this Big Air shop fan for help with most of the small to medium-sized ventilation requirements that you might have. They’re a good choice for those who have smaller workshops and garages, as well as patios. They can be used for warehouse stations, as well. The fans are useful for drying carpets when they are tilted at the proper angle.

How Large Is Your Space?

If you have a large space, then you might find that having just one of the big industrial fans isn’t enough. You might need to have a couple of these fans to get the cooling or the air movement that you truly need. Consider how and where you’ll be using the large drum fan to determine whether you might need to have more than one of them.

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