Use Your Side Table Anywhere The 18" Round Side Table by Ivy Terrace is a versatile piece that will fit into a variety of outdoor living spaces. Pair it with Adirondack chairs from the Classics Collection by Ivy Terrace and you have a welcoming set to use in an outdoor lounge area on your patio or by your pool. This side table also complements deep seating pieces from the Classics Collection which means you’ve made your very own set that will make your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. Have you thought about bringing the 18" Round Side Table by Ivy Terrace indoors? It’s built to live outdoors, but who says that this cute side table has to be limited to alfresco experiences? If you have a sunroom in your house, this piece would work quite well there as the genuine POLYWOOD lumber it’s made from is fade resistant. Feel free to get creative when you’re thinking about where to put this side table and other pieces of Ivy Terrace furniture. You never know what ideas will be sparked. If you prefer to keep the 18" Round Side Table by Ivy Terrace in its natural outdoor habitat that's completely fine too. This all-weather side table works on porches, verandas, and decks. It’s a suitable place to hold a candle, a decorative succulent, a glass of wine, a hot mug of coffee, or a good book. It’s a durable piece that will hold up to the elements and provide you with style and convenience for years to come. Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean No matter where you put your new 18" Round Side Table by Ivy Terrace, it’s bound to get a little dirty. That’s okay because cleanup is easy. Just fill a bucket with soapy water, grab a soft bristle brush, give your side table a gentle scrub, rinse it off, and you’re good to go!

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