The ECR4Kids® Children’s 16” Bentwood Chair, Natural Finish (2 pk.) is a comfortable, safe and unique chair with curved contours for healthy posture. These children’s chairs are great for kids of all ages and are designed for a wide variety of learning environments.

How Does the Design of the Chairs Lead to Better Health and Safety?

The ECR4Kids Children’s 16” Brentwood Chair, Natural Finish is designed with the health and safety of children in mind. The chair is built with curved contours that lead to a healthier posture. This is vital for young and growing children. The kids' chairs are all built with a uni-body design constructed with multi-ply design, a vented back and smooth and rounded edges. These features create a stronger build and lead to higher levels of safety. Parents can be assured that their children are safe when sitting in bentwood chairs.

Can the Chairs Be Organized Easily?

The ECR4Kids Children’s 16” Brentwood Chair, Natural Finish is great at keeping rooms organized and clean. All of these kids chairs are intentionally designed to be stackable. This allows Brentwood chairs to be easily stacked to save space. The chair also has non-scuff leg caps which reduce noise and protect flooring. This feature keeps the room scuff-free and quieter, even when the kids are dragging their chairs around.

Where Should the Chairs Be Kept?

These Brentwood chairs are safe and healthy for children of all ages. The children’s chairs are conducive to learning environments of all kinds. They are perfect for use in libraries, cafeterias, classrooms and a variety of other learning environments. The chairs are also great for use at home and are the perfect accessory for your child’s desk or bedroom.

Are the Chairs Good for Kids of All Ages?

Kids of all ages can use the ECR4Kids bentwood chairs. The chairs have a capacity of up to 200 lbs.

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