A shed in the yard is just about every tool owner's dream, but these small structures can sometimes be an eyesore. The Lifetime® 15' x 8' Outdoor Storage Shed is spacious and beautiful. The shuttered large doors are an attractive shape and style but are also intelligently positioned to allow for easy access to your things.

Bigger items can be placed in the Lifetime 15' x 8' Outdoor Storage Shed because of the double doors that open wide enough for large objects like furniture or lawn mowers. Many storage shed plans do not consider newer equipment for yard work and end up being a small wooden shed filled with old tools and cobwebs. The Lifetime shed's large footprint fits your imagined garden shed plans.

Do I Need to Purchase Additional Hooks and Shelves for My Lifetime 15' x 8' Outdoor Storage Shed?

The Lifetime 15 x 8 outdoor storage shed does come with a 96" shelf and six wall hooks. If you need more hardware for hanging and storing your items, you may need to purchase more shelves and hooks.

Can I Lock This Shed?

Yes. The double doors are equipped with a sliding bar where you can add a padlock of your choice to protect your things.

Are There Real Shingles on the Roof?

No. The shingled roof look is the result of simulated shingles. However, the appeal is the same as shingles on a house which makes for an attractive and unique style.

What is the Opening Width of the Doors?

The doors open up an entry of 56 inches wide by 74 inches high.

I Live in a Windy Area, How Can I Secure the Shed?

The shed can be anchored down with its original features.

Do I Need to Purchase a Floor Kit to Properly Install the Lifetime 15' x 8' Outdoor Storage Shed?

No. Lifetime sheds come with flooring. If your flooring becomes damaged or worn out over time, you can call customer support at 800-225-3865 to purchase replacement parts.

Does the Shed Have Natural Lighting Inside?

Yes. The skylights and windows provide natural light inside the shed.

Please check your local HOA, zoning laws and site dimensions for shed use and installation requirements. Site prep and foundation are required but not included. See link below for more details.  

California Proposition 65 WARNING

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