About this item

  • Includes 50 balloons in various colors
  • Tank will fill up to 50 9" latex balloons; 27 11" latex balloons; or 27 18" foil/Mylar balloons
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • Easy to use
  • 12" Jumbo Balloon Time Helium Tank


Balloon Time® Jumbo Helium Kit (50 Balloons) comes complete with 50 colorful balloons and helium tank. This kit contains everything you need to create an extra special celebration. You'll have everything you need to design and execute the perfect party.

Take Your Next Party Up a Level

Free floating helium balloons add a magical, special, professional touch to any party or celebration. Instead of renting a tank or buying a high volume of helium balloons, why not customize your experience and your event with your own helium kit? You'll get 50 balloons with this kit, but you may want to customize your party or event by choosing particular colors. There are countless festive uses:

  • Celebratory parades
  • Birthday parties and anniversaries
  • Proms and homecoming dances

How Many Balloons Does the Balloon Time Jumbo Helium Kit Make?

With 14.9 cubic feet of helium/air mixture, the tank will fill up the following balloon types and quantities

  • 50, 9" latex helium balloons
  • 27, 11" latex helium balloons
  • 27, 18" foil/Mylar helium balloons

You'll choose different types and sizes of balloons depending on the design of your party and how long you wish the balloons to last. Use up all the included helium in this helium kit at once for many balloons or multiple times for smaller balloon bouquets. Latex balloons will float for 5-7 hours and foil balloons wil last approximately 4 days. Buy different shapes or sizes to create floating balloon animals.

Is the Balloon Time Jumbo Helium Kit Safe to Use and Dispose of?

The Balloon Time Jumbo Helium Kit comes with clear instructions and the manufacturer's website includes several helpful videos on how to use the tank, fill balloons and safely dispose of the helium kit when you're done.

To use the tank, you'll loosen the valve, attach the balloons and safely fill them according to the instructions conveniently located on the side of the tank. You'll never be in doubt about how to properly inflate your balloons.

All balloon tanks are recyclable and the product comes with instructions on how to safely dispose of the tank. You'll need a hammer, flathead screwdriver, safety goggles and a permanent marker.


*Over-inflated latex balloons will stretch and allow helium to pass through and will reduce the number of balloons stated on the package. 

*Balloons are expected to float for 5-7 hours, when filled to the proper size.

California Proposition 65 WARNING

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