Keep the lights on and charge devices during power outages with this Pulsar 9500W/12,000W dual-fuel portable generator. The drop-down handles and 10-inch never-flat wheels make it easy to store and transport this portable generator, and the tubular steel frame offers lasting durability.

The dual-fuel operation lets this Pulsar portable generator run on either gasoline or propane, and the Switch-and-Go technology lets you switch between fuel sources while it's running for uninterrupted current. Featuring a powerful four-stroke engine, this portable generator delivers up to 12,000 peak watts using gasoline and up to 10,800 peak watts using propane as fuel. Fill the 6.6-gallon gasoline tank for up to 13 hours of operation at half load, or attach this portable generator to a propane tank to run on LPG.

Built-in 120V outlets accommodate up to four devices or appliances, and the 120V/240V RV outlet lets you power appliances and devices in recreational vehicles. A 12V DC outlet lets you trickle-charge car batteries in a pinch, ideal for emergencies.

Dual Fuel

This Pulsar portable generator has a 6.6-gallon gasoline tank that offers up to 13 hours of use at half load. A top fuel gauge lets you know how much gas is remaining, and the Switch-and-Go technology switches quickly to burning propane without having to turn this generator off.

Easy to Start

An electric push-button system makes this Pulsar portable generator easy to get running, and the built-in recoil starter lets you start this generator by hand. Wheel this portable generator out of your garage during a blackout to get the lights working again in minutes.

How big is the fuel tank?

This Pulsar 9500W/12,000W dual-fuel portable generator has a 6.6-gallon gasoline tank that offers up to 13 hours of run time on half load.

How does this generator start?

This Pulsar dual-fuel portable generator has an electric push-button starter with a standard recoil starter as a backup.

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