Backyard storage is very important for homeowners because there are many things that just don’t have a place in the home. A Lifetime® 10 8 outdoor storage shed is the perfect place to keep all sorts of lawn tools, power tools and other devices best suited for working outdoors. However, not all sheds are ideal, but Lifetime sheds are built to last. Whether it is keeping summer or winter items available, use Lifetime storage sheds to keep everything safe and secure.

    The Lifetime 10x8 shed is the perfect dimensions for storing all sorts of heavy equipment including riding mowers and snow blowers. The 10x8 storage shed is the proper dimension to keep equipment on the walls and on the platform. Whatever you decide to use it for, the Lifetime outdoor storage shed is ideal for any time of outdoor storage solutions.

    Why are Lifetime Sheds Top of the Line?

    The Lifetime shed offers a variety of reasons to be considered one of the best in its class. These sheds are very sturdy and are great at keeping all the contents inside them dry. The best part about these sheds is they’re fully customizable. There is no set way to have a shed, so you can install accessories like shelves and corner pieces that fit your needs. You can also install places to hang tools like shovels and rakes.

    One of the best parts about the Lifetime shed is the design. With steel reinforced design, it is entirely possible to have a shed that will last for a very long time. The shed is also brilliantly designed. The steel trusses keep the roof sturdy, while the roof windows solve the problem of a dark shed. The more light comes into the shed, the more dry the environment is. Mold and mildew don’t take off in Lifetime sheds the way they do in the dank, dark sheds.

    How Do You Install a Lifetime Shed?

    Building a Lifetime shed will, on average, take about 7-9 hours. The reason is these sheds have a variety of parts. The good news is if you have help, the job will go quicker. The other great thing about a Lifetime shed is it is modular. This makes construction very easy.

    The key is organization. Make sure you know where all the parts are. Separate the walls, roof trusses, and other materials. Hardware should be sorted prior to assembling the shed. An important consideration is the foundation of the shed. Concrete is recommended but sturdy wood platforms will do. The area must be level, otherwise, the doors may not open correctly, and the shed could suffer from water intrusion.

    Once the shed is assembled, take a look at what you’d like to put in and check out the different options available with Lifetime.

    Benefits of Shed Storage

    Using a shed as storage space is a great way to keep home space free. For some, this means the basement or the garage is now free space. This space can be converted for other types of uses. Having the additional space means that the home’s value increases.

    Another benefit is keeping harmful materials stored outside. These materials include gasoline, fertilizer and other types of substances that are needed for the home but make you rest easy knowing they’re not inside.

    Please check your local HOA, zoning laws and site dimensions for shed use and installation requirements. Site prep and foundation are required but not included. See link below for more details. 

    California Proposition 65 WARNING

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