If you’re looking for high-quality lighting for workspaces at the office or in your home, these 4’ LED shop lights from Honeywell are a good choice. This Honeywell lighting system features hanging hardware for easy mounting with a lightweight construction, making installation a breeze. They’re easy to install thanks to their lightweight construction. You don’t need any additional circuitry or wiring for connecting up to 10 of them together. You can also choose to use these Honeywell 4’ LED shop lights on their own. The lights are durable and offer many hours of brightness over the course of their lifetime, as well as several benefits in terms of energy savings. These shop light fixtures start in an instant to give you bright illumination the moment you hit the switch. 

The 10 units of bright white Honeywell LED lights included in this pack can either be used individually or linked together on a single circuit without the need for cables or additional wires. They come with a 5-year warranty, making it a good choice for long-term usage.

What Are the Specifications of Honeywell LED 4’ Linkable Multi-Mode Shop Lights?

These Honeywell LED lights offer three different modes of brightness in the range of 1500Lm to 5000Lm. The housing is made with one piece of aluminum with a sturdy construction. This Honeywell lighting system offers 50,000 hours of lighting over its lifetime while consuming no more than 45W of power, which makes it an energy-efficient solution with an Energy Star 2.0 rating. The operation is quiet and there is no mercury contained in these 4’ LED lights, making them safe for the environment.

About Honeywell

The Honeywell story dates back to 1885 with the company being a frontrunner in innovative technology ever since. Today, Honeywell works towards the creation of a more sustainable, safer and smarter world by means of connected technology, thus enhancing lives of millions across the globe.

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