Wise is the highest rated one year food supply, completely made in the U.S. Wise offers a 25-year shelf life and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sturdy plastic buckets are lightweight so they're perfect for daily home use and easy to move in an emergency. They are waterproof and will not rust.

All food is packaged in nitrogen-purged mylar pouches. No cooking is required—just add water. Hot water will absorb in about 15 minutes; cold water will take 30 minutes. Enjoy a variety of 13 delicious dinner entrees and 4 different breakfast meals. Also includes fruit, vegetable and milk supplements.

In addition to giving your family the best in food supply, Wise includes a portable water filter in this supply. The water filtration bottle removes 99.99% of all pollutants for 100 gallons of water. With Wise, you will get the highest quality emergency food storage at the best price. You never pay more, you just get more.

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