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How do you watch TV?
Browse our guide to find the best TV for watching what you love.


Picture this screen size (in your room).

The right-size TV for you depends on your idea of "big" of course, but also on your room size and how far you'll sit from the TV when you watch. Keep in mind that screen size is measured diagonally and only includes the screen, not the outer casing.

Screen size

Distance from TV

Shop 29 inch & smaller TVs

29" & smaller


Shop 30 inch - 39 inch TVs

30"- 39"

4 - 7ft.

Shop 40 inch - 49 inch TVs

40"- 49"

5 - 10ft.

Shop 50 inch - 59 inch TVs

50"- 59"

6 - 12ft.

Shop 60 inch & larger TVs

60" & larger

7ft. +

More pixels = sharper picture.

More pixels =
sharper picture.

Each screen is made up of millions of pixels that each make up a tiny part of the image. The more pixels, the clearer the picture!

HD (720p)

Great for watching regular shows and
movies in HD on a smaller-size TV.

Shop HD TVs

Full HD (1080p)

Movie-buffs will love how Blu-ray
movies and HD shows appear.

Shop Full HD TVs

4K Ultra HD (2160p)

For the ultimate experience, watch shows
and movies in the sharpest display possible.

Shop 4K TVs

Shop by Refresh Rate

Tune in to the right refresh rate.

The higher the refresh rate, the smoother and less blurry the picture will be.
Refresh rate counts the number of images flashed on screen per second.


Well suited for watching sitcoms or your favorite talk show.

Shop 60Hz TVs


Stellar for watching sports or action-adventure movies with minimal blur.

Shop 120Hz TVs


Experience a fluid and crisp picture when watching something action-packed.

Shop 240Hz TVs


Smart or curved? Hot options.

Experience the latest TV technology.

Shop Smart TVs

Smart TV

Smart TVs have built in Wi-Fi capability, so you can surf the web, stream videos and more directly from your TV, without a gaming console, cable box or other external device.

Shop HD TVs
Shop Curved TVs

Curved TV

Get fully immersed in the action with a crystal-clear viewing angle regardless of where you are seated.

Shop Full HD TVs

Essentials for
amazing entertainment.

Be sure you have the right accessories like a wall mount and HDMI
cable to get your new TV up and running right away.

Shop Accessories

Perfect picture,
no worries.

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