Bored with exercise?
No sweat!

Stay motivated and get better results with these fun ways to keep your workouts fresh.

Feel the burn 3 days a week.

Feel the burn 3 days a week.

Keep your heart healthy with 25 minutes of cardio, 3 days a week.* Hop on the treadmill, or for low impact, use the elliptical or bike.

Fitness Machines

Elliptical Machines & Steps


Exercise Bikes

Add weights to boost metabolism.

Add weights to boost metabolism.

Strength training with weights helps
increase metabolism, improve bone
health and reduce risk of injuries.**

Think outside the gym.

Think outside the gym.

Mix up your workout with outdoor
activities, such as cycling, kayaking
or jumping on a trampoline. So fun, you won't even notice you're exercising!


Water Sports



Stretch for core-building benefits.


Yoga & Pilates

Inversion Tables

Stretch for core-building benefits

Ease into the home stretch with yoga,
Pilates and relaxation techniques for
less stress and more benefits.

Fuel your workouts.

Save on healthier food options like organic fresh produce, meat and more.

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Fashionably fit.

Look as good as you feel with workout-ready tops, bottoms, jackets and more.

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Stay on track.

Hit all your fitness goals with
wearable tech that counts your steps and even monitors your golf swing.

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* (2016, July 27). Recommendations for Physical Activity in Adults. American Heart Association.

** Publications, H. H. (2015, December 17). Strength training builds more than muscles. Harvard Health.

Heid, M. (2016, January 20). Is Yoga Good Exercise, Even If You Don't Burn Many Calories? TIME Magazine.