Mobility Solutions and Equipment Guide

Stay mobile with the right equipment
for you or your loved one.

Learn what to look for when shopping for rollators. How many wheels, width between handles and adjustable seat and handle.


What to look for

3 wheels or 4?Three-wheel rollators maneuver well around small spaces, while four-wheel seated models provide greater stability.

Width from handle to handle.This important detail helps determine whether your rollator will fit through hallways, bathrooms and closets.

Adjustable seat and handles.As a rule: When seated, knees should be at a 90-degree angle and feet flat on the floor. Adjust handles so that they are at wrist level when standing.

Additional features.Look for rollator models with a padded seat, back rest and storage bag.

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Electric Scooters

What to look for

3 wheels or 4?Three-wheel electric scooters are ideal on smooth surfaces and allow for more leg room, while four-wheel scooters provide more stability and ride better on uneven terrain.

Weight capacity.Check to make sure it's strong enough to hold your total weight.

Speed and range.Some scooters travel up to 4 mph, while others can travel as fast as 18 mph. Also, consider a scooter with a longer battery life. Some can go as far as 40 miles on one charge.

Additional features.Look for models with a storage basket, cup holder and alarm.

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Learn what to look for when shopping for electric scooters. How many wheels, weight capacity and speed and range.
Learn what to look for when shopping for wheelchairs. Transport versus standard and height and weight.


What to look for

Transport vs. standard.Lighter transport wheelchairs are meant to be pushed by another person, while standard models are pushed by the individual using it.

Height and width.Measure the following to determine the right wheelchair dimensions for you:

  • Seat width - left to right
  • Seat depth - front to back
  • Overall width open - arm to arm
  • Seat to ground height

Additional wheelchair features.Look for a seat belt, padded arms, storage, cup holder and detachable footrest.

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Lift chairs

What to look for

Number of positions.

  • 2 Positions = back must recline first to have the footrest slide out. Reclines up to 45 degrees.
  • 3 Positions = full recline
  • Infinite Position = back and footrest can move independently.

Height and weight.The bigger the lift chair, the deeper the seat cushion.

Type of fabric.For easy maintenance, choose a lift chair that is stain-, moisture- and odor-resistant.

Additional features.Look for heated and vibrating seats, lift speed settings, cup holders and massagers for extra comfort.

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Learn what to look for when shopping for lift chairs. Number of positions, height and weight and type of fabric