Buying Guide

Waking up achy or has it been 8-10 years?
Time for a new mattress! Tuck in with these tips.

Choose your comfort level.

Mattress density determines comfort, or how hard or soft the bedding feels. Less density = softer. Add a mattress topper to customize the feel.


This style offers the most joint and back pain relief and reduces motion transfer.


Medium-comfort mattresses conform to your body while still offering some support.


Cloud-like with lots of bounce, soft/plush mattresses offer the most cushion.

Get the support you need.

Learn the different materials before choosing the best fit:

  • Innerspring/Coil
  • Memory Foam
  • Hybrids
  • Air Beds
  • Gel

Know your sleep style.

How you naturally like to snooze can affect your mattress choice.

If you...

  • Sleep on your side

Choose a medium or soft mattress
that conforms to your shape,
like Innerspring or Hybrids.

If you...

  • Sleep on your back

Try a firmer mattress with more support,
such as Memory Foam or Latex.

If you...

  • Sleep on your stomach

Lean more toward firm than plush,
like Memory Foam or Hybrid.

If you...

  • Change Positions

Pick an option that reduces motion
transfer, like Memory Foam, Air or Latex.

Select the right base for you.

Now, choose a mattress base that helps you sleep a little tighter.

Shop Bed Frames

Find a frame.

Pick a supportive frame that is easy
to move and enhances your décor.

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Shop Adjustable Foundations

Customize your comfort.

Personalize your sleep with a
supportive, adjustable base.

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Shop Box Springs

Boost your bed.

Add a durable box spring for more
comfort and weight distribution.

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Good sleep, guaranteed

Five tips for a good
night's sleep.