Potty Training Tips
From diapers to doing it themselves.

Know when to potty train and make the transition easier with our toilet training FAQs.

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How can I tell when my child is ready to start potty training?

If your child is able to dress and undress on their own, and shows interest in potty training and dry diapers, these are good signs for when to potty train. This usually happens around 22 to 30 months, but every child is different.

How do I get started?

Before switching to training pants, help your toddler practice pulling them on and off together to help them master the up-and-down movement.

How do I help my toddler feel comfortable using a toilet?

Have your child sit on the potty with the training pants on, and then off, and explain how the training pants are different than diapers.

How can I help my child successfully transition?

It’s better to reward and support their efforts for both attempts and success at going to the bathroom, rather than reprimanding them for accidents.

Is it OK to use diapers after they’ve transitioned, or would that be confusing?

Since this is such a big change for them, requiring mental planning and physical control, it’s better not to confuse them by switching back to diapers.

How is potty training boys different than potty training girls?

Both can use a potty cair to pee, or a toilet-seat insert with a step stool to poop. Girls should sit all the way back to limit spray. Boys might also want to start sitting down at first. Later, position them directly in front of the potty with their feet slightly apart. Try tossing a few pieces of cereal in to use as a target.