Now all members can earn Sam’s Cash outside the club with Bonus Offers. Just link an eligible card and explore offers. Now all members can earn Sam’s Cash outside the club with Bonus Offers. Just link an eligible card and explore offers.
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Setup is super easy.
Credit Card
Link an eligible Mastercard, Visa or American Express card.
Find and
activate offers.
Start earning on qualifying purchases.
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Plus members earn more.

20% more on what you earn with Bonus Offers.

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What is Sam’s Cash?

It’s the cash back members can earn. You can spend it in club and online, use it to pay for membership or even cash it out.

It’s really easy to earn.
As a Plus member.

Earn 2% Sam’s Cash** on in-club purchases, including Curbside Pickup and
Scan & Go™ checkout.

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With a Sam’s Club Mastercard®.

Earn 5% back in Sam’s Cash on gas (first $6,000/year), 3% at Sam’s Club for Plus members, 3% on dining and 1% on other purchases.

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3 ways to use Sam’s Cash.

Your available Sam’s Cash is automatically added to your account.

Spend it in club and online.
Pay your membership fees.
Cash it out in club.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Sam’s Cash Bonus Offers program?

The Sam’s Cash Bonus Offers program allows eligible Sam’s Club members to earn Sam’s Cash that they can redeem under the Sam’s Cash loyalty rewards program. A member does this by linking an eligible credit or debit card to earn Sam’s Cash when the member completes qualifying activities at third-party merchants. 

Who is eligible to participate in Bonus Offers?

You must be a current resident of the United States, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico and have a current Sam’s Club membership and account, as well as an email address.

Is Bonus Offers free?

Yes! The program is totally free. It does not cost anything to link your eligible credit or debit card to start earning.

How do I earn Sam’s Cash with Bonus Offers?

Once you have consented to participate in the program and have linked an eligible payment card, you can earn Sam’s Cash when you complete qualifying activities for each offer, such as activating an offer and/or making a qualifying purchase at a participating merchant with your linked payment card(s). Some offers may be available only to certain members and/or limited to specified payment cards. Any terms and conditions associated with a particular qualifying activity will be presented to you with the offer itself. Participating merchants, qualifying activities and offers may change from time to time without notice.Please see the Sam’s Cash Loyalty Rewards Terms and Conditions for more information about how to earn Sam’s Cash.

Where can I learn more about Sam’s Cash Bonus Offers?

For more FAQs, visit the Help Center.

Do I need to opt-in or opt-out for Sam’s Cash?

Sam’s Cash is available to all Sam’s Club members. There’s no need to opt in. You can’t opt out of earning Sam’s Cash, but you can choose not to use it.

How much available Sam’s Cash do I need before I can spend it?

You can use any amount of Sam’s Cash once it’s available in your account. There’s no minimum.

Can I use Sam’s Cash on

Yes! Sam’s Cash can be used for most direct purchases from Sam’s Club online, in club or in the Sam’s Club app, including Curbside Pickup and Scan & Go™ checkout.

Can I use Sam’s Cash outside of Sam’s Club?

No. It can only be used for purchases in club, online or in the app and for Sam’s Club membership renewal fees. You can also cash out your Sam’s Cash in club at Member Services.

How can I see my Sam’s Cash balance?

Your available Sam’s Cash is displayed a number of places on and in the mobile app, including on the main home page, in “Your account” and as a payment method during checkout.

Does Sam’s Cash expire?

No, your Sam’s Cash never expires.

Does my membership need to be active to earn and spend Sam’s Cash?

Yes, only active members can spend Sam’s Cash. You can still earn Sam’s Cash with the Sam’s Club Mastercard, even if your membership is not active.

I made a return. What happens to the Sam’s Cash I earned?

When purchases are returned for a refund, the earned Sam’s Cash is deducted from your total Sam’s Cash balance. This can result in a negative balance from time to time. Your balance will be positive again when you earn enough to clear the negative balance. 

I lost my card. Did I lose my Sam’s Cash?

Not at all! Your Sam’s Cash stays in your online account, even if you don’t have your card. You also have a digital membership card in the Sam’s Club app that you can use any time, and you’ll see available Sam’s Cash as a payment option during online and in-app checkout.

How do I earn Sam’s Cash with my Plus membership?
  • You earn 2% Sam’s Cash on qualifying pre-tax purchases directly from Sam’s Club made in clubs (including Scan & Go™ checkout) and through Curbside Pickup. Sam’s Club Plus members do not earn 2% in Sam’s Cash from third parties, nor for online purchases (i.e., direct ship to home or elsewhere, ship from club, delivered to home or elsewhere, etc.).
  • You can earn up to $500 annually in Sam’s Cash based on Sam’s Club qualifying purchases per membership year.
  • When qualified purchases are returned for a refund, the earned value of Sam’s Cash is deducted from the accrual of Sam’s Cash.
  • Only qualifying purchases made by the primary member or the complimentary household cardholder in a Sam’s Club location in the United States earn Sam’s Cash. Sam’s Club add-on members do not qualify to earn 2% Sam’s Cash for themselves or for their primary member.
  • Sam’s Club reserves the right to modify qualifying purchases as determined at Sam’s Club discretion.

Sam’s Club Plus members do not earn Sam’s Cash for purchases of the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco
  • Fuel
  • Milk and certain dairy products
  • Merchandise or services sold or provided on, including those websites not hosted by Sam’s Club, even if accessed through
  • Auctions
  • Gift cards, including third party gift cards and eGift Cards
  • Inventory, sales or services belonging to or offered by third parties (including, but not limited to, mobile phone contracts, extended warranty programs, travel, identity protection services, subscriptions, auto buying program, insurance, merchant credit card payment processing services, business payment solutions, service plans, delivery, etc.)
  • Membership fees
  • Prescription-related products, including, but not limited to:
    • Prescription products such as prescription pet medications, prescription drugs and prescription medical supplies
    • Prescription co-pays or deductibles
    • Pharmacy purchases submitted to any health benefit program, pharmacy benefit program, insurer or state/federal government health care program
  • Postage stamps
  • Services and labor offered by Sam’s Club (examples: delivery fees, tire installation, Curbside Pickup fees, etc.)
  • Taxes and fees (including sales tax, deposits, miscellaneous fees, etc.)

Sam’s Club reserves the right to add, modify or delete qualifying restrictions on product categories or products from the above list without notice.