Wall of Honor: Honoring Veteran Associates
Meet our heroes.

Hear what our team has to say about our Veterans.

Rob Burns
Club Support
United States Army, 5 Years
Sam’s Club is very supportive, especially in how we celebrate veterans and their service. The best feeling in the world and Veteran's Day to me is a time for us to reflect on all the sacrifices and service that allow us to enjoy this beautiful country and our freedoms.
William St. Clair
Club #6612
United States Army, 8 Years
Sam's Club and Walmart have made a high priority to support Veterans in hiring and community events. I am extremely proud to have served in the Army and I am just as proud to serve as a leader at Sam's Club.
Jon Fox
Club Support
United States Army Infantry, 23 Years
Jon served with incredibly selfless distinction during his time in uniform. His work directly contributed to lives saved in hostile fire zones. He epitomizes the notions of Duty, Honor, Country. Jon also volunteers with his local church and a number of youth sports groups.
Jamie Petty
Club #4985
Army National Guard, 13 Years
Jamie is an awesome leader who has his associates' best interest in mind. His intensity and sincerity are what motivates people and makes it very clear where we need to go. He is also very active in our community serving with organizations such as Convoy of Hope, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Ozark Food Harvest.
Rodolfo Granado
Club #8156
United States Navy, 6 Years
Rudy is a Vietnam Veteran; He served in Vietnam for 33 months on Yankee Station and was assigned to BF211 aboard the USS CVA19 USS Hancock. He has worked for Sams club for 32 years all at our Membership Desk and is very reliable, responsible, and dedicated to keep our Members Happy.
Paul Holum
Club #6321
U.S Army E-5 Sergeant, 3 Years
Paul is an outstanding worker and leader. With his 35 years of experience, he is always willing to teach everyone new things and guide new associates.
John Vaclav
Club #4961
United States Navy, 8 Years
John serves our members just like our country, with honor and pride. His incredible work ethic got him promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class in the Navy. In our ranks that same dedication got him the title of member specialist. He doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond to make sure our members are well taken care of.
Tom Walker
Club #8185
US Army 8th Infantry Division, 12 Years
Tom is an outstanding associate and leader in the club.He has mentored several associates, myself included, leading by example, adhering to the Sundown Rule, utilizing the 10 Foot Rule, and having integrity. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to recognize outstanding associates!!
Richard Lamontagne
Club #6456
United States Air Force, 23 Years
John Thorp
Club #6456
Army, 20 Years
Tony Fleming
Club #4947
United States Air Force, 4 Years
Tony brings a whole other level of leadership to Sam's Club from his time spent in the Air Force. His dedication to Sam's Club and his work ethic lifts everyone else up around him, even with his current health issues he gives 110% every day even if it means him not feeling.
Doug Saunders
Club #8152
United States Marine Corps, 6 Years
Doug is very dependable and always takes care of his department, and anywhere needed. It's nothing for him to step into the bakery during busy holidays to wrap or help on special projects as they arise. He is very passionate about his family and job and has a positive outlook despite facing personal health challenges.
Claude Denn
Club #4873
United States Navy, 6 Years
Claude is an interictal part of our frontend team and members always look forward to their interactions at the Exit Door. He delivers Legendary Member Service with everyone he comes in contact with. He is also active in our community, volunteering at organizations such as "Food Net" and "Center For People In Need."
Ronald (Ronnie) Rutledge
Club #6375
United States Army, 2 Years
Ronnie has been an associate for 4+ years. He was hired as a part time maintenance associate, but now works full time as a gas station attendant. He is a very dedicated associate and takes pride in his job of helping the many members of the gas station, especially with the newer Scan N Go app.
David (Dave) Slechter
Club #6375
United States Army, 2 Years.
Dave is a Purple Heart Recipient and has worked for Sam's Club for 4+ years. He does a fantastic job of making sure our club is ready for our members which is why he spends numerous hours in each restroom before the club is opened. He also makes sure the associates have a clean and neat place to sit and have a break.
Allen Ranger
Club #6562
Airforce, 4 Years
Allen served in the Airforce for 4 Years and the police force for 34 Years before retiring. He dedicated his adult life, until retirement, to serve his country and community and had joined Sam's Club as a Maintenace associate. He is a valuable asset to the company.
Nathaniel (Nate) Ford
Club #4768
Unites States Marine Corps, 20 Years
Nate served in the Marine Corp. for 20 years, with 4 tours in Iraq. He has been with the company for 10 years as a Forklift Merchandiser and is always reliable and helps the team with training and developing new associates.
Stoney Jackson
Club #6377
Unites States Marine Corps, 8 Years
Stoney since his hire date has made a significant difference on our maintenance team. He goes out of his way each day to make sure our facility is neat and clean for our members. His attention to detail makes him great addition to our team.
David McDonald
Club #8132
United States Army, 26 Years
David served his country for 26 years in which he demonstrated honor, courage, and commitment. For the past 25 years he has also served our members with that same passion, honor, and commitment.
Joey Vazquez
Club #6575
United States Navy, 5 Years
Joey Vazquez is a Sr Meat Cutter and has been with Sam's Club for 19 1/2 years.He served 5 Years active duty with the US Navy as a communication intelligence specialist and is still active with V.A. helping other veterans.
Michael Spencer
Club #6472
United States Air Force, 18 Years
Michael Spencer is our Fuel Station attendant and has been with the Sam's club for over 8 years. He has worked in several different areas of the club and is great at communicating Safety and Compliance opportunities as well as letting us know what is going on. He is super positive and a pleasure to be around!
Walter Gartner
Club #4992
United States Army, 18.5 Years
Walter has been with Sam's Club for 10 years where he has become a valued and loyal associate. He is such an asset to our club and our Members adore him. He is also great with associates and is willing to help where ever he is needed. Walter also volunteers at his church and is a retired teacher.
Derrick Nisley
Club #4992
Army National Guard, 9+ years
Derrick has been with Sam's Club for 6 years. He is such an asset to our club. We love his positive attitude and eager to help members to have the best experience while they are here. His love and dedication to his country is something he takes such pride in and it shows everyday.
Ronnie Brown
Club #4992
United States Army, 3 Years
Ronnie has been with Sam's Club for about 8 years. His smile and laugh is very contagious because he has such a positive energy. Ronnie is always willing to help out and is great with new associates he helps to teach and train. Working with Ronnie is such a joy everyday.
Jim Timbrock
Club #4992
United States Army, 23 Years
Jim has been with Sam's Club for 1 year. He came in as our Merchandising PM Team Lead and is such a leader. He continues to grow with the company because he thrives at doing his job to the fullest. He is amazing with his team and helps to teach and train on a daily basis.
Marcos Crespo
Club #8138
United States Navy, 5.5 years
Marcos always comes to work with a level of professionalism and leadership that is to be proud of. He effectively leads his team while still looking for ways to grow and challenge himself. Marcos is very proud to have served our country and proud to be a veteran of the Navy.
Israel Vargas
Club #6690
United States Navy, 8 Years
Israel has been working for Sam's Club for 17 years. He has worked in differents departments, from Cashier, Member Service, Fresh Team Lead, and Backroom associate.He is an amazing associate and always gives excellent service to our members. Israel says it was an honor serving the country.
Jeffery Lee Clayton
Club #4871
Culinary Specialist US Navy, 20 Years
Jeffery is a positive and outgoing associate that coaches for youth league bowling at Eventzona our local bowling alley. He also rides with CVMA the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association where the motto is "Vets Helping Vets".
Joseph Derringer
Club #4915
United States Army, 2.5 Years
Joseph Derringer is amazing and is always willing to help a member and go the extra distance when needed. Thank Joseph D.
Norman Personius
Club #4847
United States Air Force, 20 Years
Norm has spent 20 years in the Air Force in different areas, including Alaska. His exposure to different cultures has proven to be a benefit to our members and for us.
Sultan Alsaeed
Club #4852
United States Army, 9 Years
Sultan was was deployed five times to Iraq and is an active member within his community serving. He volunteers for Red Cross / Tampa, FL and ISONET (Islamic Society of New Tampa).
Chris Wheeler
Club #6572
Unites States Marine Corps, 4 Years
Chris is a great leader at our club. He started almost 20 years ago as a Merchandiser and is now a Merchandising Manager. He takes pride in his work and his team and is always willing to teach and train. Chris actively volunteers to support the Epilepsy Foundation and Young Williams Animal Rescue
Hector Mayoral
Club #6339
Army as a Combat Engineer, null
Hector is an associate who goes above & beyond in his department and for our members. He is detail oriented, and always knows how/what to prioritize. He comes in with a great attitude and will bounce off ideas he has to make the area run more efficiently. Hector is a prime example of our member obsessed culture.
Frank Chiarini
Club #6427
United States Navy, 24 Years
Frank has been with Sams Club for over 20 years and has been a dedicated associate Sams. He has a huge passion for giving back to the community and is a Scout Leader for Disabled American Veterans. For 2 years he served as a commander and was a volunteer couch for the Young American Bowling association.
Keal Cole
Club #8114
Louisiana National Guard, 5 Years
Keal Cole has been a stellar employee who has embodied the Sam's culture as a way of life by helping at any chance he can by always smiling and staying upbeat. He offers kind words when needed which makes him amazing at assisting fellow associates and members on whatever they may need.
Calvin Broussard
Club #8114
US Army Desert Storm, 7 Years
Calvin is our new STM and has brought a new fire to our sales staff with his upbeat personality. He brings his unique flavor of the art of selling to add some spice to Sam's great culture and his work ethic of no task is to big or small keeps us running like a well oiled machine.
Caleb Walker
Club #8114
United States Army, 12 Years
Caleb is one of our Assistant Managers and has become one of the pinnacle components of our staff, always offering assistance to members and associates with a smile and always there for whatever you may need. Caleb, brings the military get it done personality with precision and showmanship.
Michael Morton
Club #6448
United States Air Force, 22 Years
Mike always has a smile on his face and always provides members with legendary member service. Anytime you ask him to help out or do something he does it with pride and a smile that always shines through. Mike also volunteers with the American Legion in his time off.
Dominick Teague
Club #6502
United States Navy as a Aviation Ordnance Man, 5 Years
Dominick served in the Navy as a Aviation Ordnance Man. He served aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford, USS Jogn C. Stennis, and USS Carl Vinson. He was deployed twice while serving; participating in Operation Inherent Resolve. Dominick has sailed around the world once and achieved "Sailor of the Day" recognition twice.
Donald Looney
Club #6212
United States Air Force/ Army National Guard, 20 Years
Donald during his time in the National Guard helped with relief efforts after Hurricane Andrew and during riots in 1980. He is very proud of his military career and always takes time to salute our veteran/active duty military members. He is a big advocate for discipline and his sense of urgency is unmatched.
Marcos Alvarez
Club #6212
United States Marine Corps as an E5., 5 Years
Marcos has embodied what he learned from his time in the military, that when you set your mind to do something, anything is possible. He applies this valuable life lesson into his roles in the club every day and is always the first to lend a hand to another department to completea task.
Scott McDougall
Club #6462
United States Marine Corps, 4 Years
Scott is a great asset to the club and his community because he is a gentle yet firm teacher and is always willing to lend a hand to help. Scott fosters children, is an advid volunteer at humane shelter and adopts handicap animals.
Donny Navarro
Club #8222
United States Army, 4 Years
We are nominating Donny due to the standards and expectations that he holds himself to. He is a man of integrity, ethics, and exemplifies what it means to be a part of a team. He is a role model for other associates and makes a positive impact each and every day.
DeAndre Smith
Club #8283
United States Air Force, 8 Years
DeAndre has been an employee for Sam's Club for 3 Years. With his hard work and dedication he was recently promoted to a Merchandising Team Lead. He has also been Associate of the monthand Safety Associate of the month. For his community, DeAndre participates in the Neighborhood Crime watch with his grandfather.
Robert Mitchell
Club #4710
Unites States Marine Corps, 2 Years
Robert is an amazing employee and can always be found in various part of club.He is known for teamwork and getting the job done in a timely manner. He also goes above and beyond suggesting different tools/supplies needed to keep the club looking nice.
John T Baldy
Club #6457
United States Army, 3 Years
John has shown dedication with the service to the country and his service to Sam's Club. He is an associate who takes a lot of pride in his work.
Lewis Morris
Club #6373
Army Reserve, 16 Years
Lewis is one of those associates that always cares about everyone else before himself. He is never without a smile or a greeting. He has been very helpful with other veterans in our club and alongside his service dog Lexi have assisted with help calming down Veterans with PTSD and putting a smile on their face.
Henry Ritton
Club #6373
United States Air Force, 1 Year
Henry can be counted on to assist wherever the club needs him.He has recieved many compliments and even within his first 6 months received associate of the month. Henry is the definition of the 10 ft rule.Its never a passing by hello, its a respectful stop and greeting that make his use of the 10ft rule special
Johnathan Niemann
Club #8226
Unites States Marine Corps, 5 Years
Johnathan Niemann has an incredible work ethic and is a reliable worker that is dependable and a friendly associate that members can always count on. He can be a quiet guy but is always there when you need him. His years of service show on everything that he does and is overall a great influence to his peers/members.
Patrick Goodson
Club #8226
United States Army, 7 Years
Pat Goodson has incredible energy that he brings to our club and is one of the most welcoming associates. He makes members feel part of our family and brings out the best in people. Over the years he has been an associate that we depend on. He handles any task with a smile and the outmost of care and quality.
Stacy McCoy
Club #8226
United States Army, 7 Years
Stacy is a key factor on why peeple join the team. The team really appreciates him because he is not afraid to get his hands dirtyor tell you what you are doing great. Stacy embodies all of our four core values but especially Respect for the individual and Service to our Members.
Jason Wright
Club #6608
United States Army, 4 Years
Jason is an amazing hard-working associate who is dedicated to his family, country, and work. He started in the military at Fort Jackson and ultimately ending in Afghanistan where he was injured. Jason recently married to the love of his life. He continues to work within the community with his Volunteer work for SPCA .
Korey Sanders Greenlaw
Club #8242
United States Army, 8 Year
Korey is a team player in his department and we are proud of what he does daily to take care of members and business.
Wolfgang Costello
Club #4824
Navy - STG3/DV2 SonarTechnician/ Deep Sea Diver, 4 Years
Wolfgang has been an associate with Sam's for 1 year. After his Navy career he worked at the UCLA Medical Center as a Surgical Nurse before joining the CA DOC as a Parole Agent. After retiring he joined us as a TBC Technician. He's actively involved with the American Legion and VFW (Veteran of Foreign Wars).
David Gaymon
Club #4798
Army National Guard Iraq Veteran, 12 Years
David's service and experience in the military is the reason he leads with the utmost integrity and respect for the individual here at Sam's Club. His smile and constant laughter makes helps keep those around him positive. David is a great husband and a wonderful father to his son Chance.
Anthony Graff
Club #4987
Unites States Marine Corps, 2.5 Years
Anthony is a diligent associate and always works with a sense of urgency. He always has a positive attitude when coming to work and isn’t afraid to ask questions.
Frank Gerardo
Club #6615
United States Army, 2 Years.
Member Assist Frank Gerado leaves marks on hearts and in your memories!.From wiping downcats, to assisting with exi tech ~ Frank has built Member Trust with how much he cares for his community by bringing his best self to work everyday! Sam's Club is blessed to have associates like Frank.
Henry R Hernandez
Club #6610
Unites States Marine Corps, 20 years
Associates like Henry who join the military on a volunteer basis should be commended for their dedication and sacrifice. He also serves his community in God's Kitchen, Ducks Unlimited, as a Pony League Baseball Coach.
Vince Mazzola
Club #6428
United States Army, 6 years
Vince has been with the company for 27 years now and is an incredibly amazing human being. He has done so much for our country, his community, and the team. His willingness to step up and do what needs to be done- even if it falls outside of his job title doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do!
Wayne Libby
Club #6428
United States Army, 4 Years
Wayne has been with the company for 25 years and is a well-seasoned associate. His work is commendable, and we are so proud to have him as part of our team! Wayne also fosters animals and volunteers his time working with rescues and putting time into branches; shelters for people in need.
Ann Fox
Club #6315
Army and Army Reserves, 8 years
Ann is always willing and able to be help throughout the club. Not just in CPU. Members love her and the staff sees her as family, she’s been here at Sam's Club over 25 years and always gets the job done.
Dan Charlson
Club #6430
United States Air Force, 20 years
Dan has always excelled in his department and has lead the team by good example. His insight adds value to each day and we truly appreciate the wisdom he brings to the club from his life and time serving us all in the United States Airforce.
Darrel Archuleta
Club #6549
Army, 10 years
Darrel takes great pride in teaching and training associates. During daily meetings Darrel takes the initiative to cover safety protocols. Darrel is also a forklift trainer. He also volunteers as a Soccer coach in the Pueblo community
Ryan Edward Meyer
Club #6528
United States Army, 10 years
Ryan performed Petroleum Supply duties during his tours in the Army. He is a great associate who always makes time to help support and serve his team and has helped facilitate a Veteran's Support Group.
Erica Lynch
Club #8120
The United Sate Marine Corp, 3 Years
Erica served with The United Sate Marine Corp for three years and has shared her that time with the Marines has taught her how to have personal discipline, to be hardworking, and how utilizing team work is the key to success. Erica says she will always love and fight for our country.
Tim Blackman
Club #8120
United States Army, 17 years
Tim served with the United States Army for Seventeen years and has shared with us that that the Army taught him many things, but what really stands out for him is team work, Discipline and Leadership. He says serving his country had the most impact, more than anything in his entire life.
Stephen Reeves
Club #4763
Unites States Marine Corps, 4 Years
Robert Gibson
Club #8274
United States Army, 4 Years
Robert is a Lead in our club and is always willing to lend his support anywhere in the club at anytime. We appreciate him for his leadership and serving our country in the US Army.
Author John Brumfield
Club #6350
United States Navy, 4 Years
Author is a very dedicated and knowledgeable associate. He is always willing to go above and beyond for his team and club. He is a proud Sam’s Associate and says he is even prouder to have served his country.
Benjamin Rodriguez
Club #6630
United States Army, 11 Years
Jauvius Nelson
Club #4958
United States Army, 5 Years
Jauvius Nelson deserves to be recognized for his service to our Military and we would like to say thank you.
Sherdian Green
Club #4797
Unites States Marine Corps, 8 Years
Sherdian Green served our country and takes that experience ans applies it to how he serves our member’s.
Geroy McNary
Club #8123
United States Air Force, 6 Years
Geroy has been a Member Specialist with us at our Sam’s Club for 3 years and has positively impacted many lives. His attitude, demeanor, and kindness are always noticed and genuinely appreciated by members and associates alike. He embodies what a Associate should be and I have no doubt the airforce shaped him.
Don Murphy
Club #DC8235
United States Navy, 12 Years
Don has made a point to learn every aspect of his job duty including what would be the safest way of doing his job and helped every new hire learn as well. His positive attitude resonates with all those who work around him. He is a good associate and a great friend who clearly loves his family and shares great stories.
Sean Dean
Club #6535
United States Army, 5 Years
Sean is a great associate who is always supportive of his fellow peers and willing to help out any associate. He is involved in many organizations in the community and donates his time to help out others. He is currently active in Mason, Elks, Shriner Hospital, American Legion, Scotish Rite, Eagles and AM Vets.
Leroy Martin.
Club #6670
United States Army, 2 Years
Leroy has worked with Sam's Club for over 32 years and was nominated for his continuous hard work through the many hardships in his fight for recovery since leaving the Army. His bravery, sacrifice and strength do not go unnoticed, and we couldn't that him enough for his sacrifice and for his service for our country.
Jeffrey Vaughn
Club #6218
United States Navy, null
Jeffrey Vaughn has been with Sam's Club for 14 years and we are proud to have him as part of our team. Since enlisting when he was 26 Jeffery has visited at least 25 countries during his time in the navy and has been awarded the Navy Coast Guard Ribbon as well as the Meritorious Unit Commodation.
If you have an associate you would like recognized, please submit their info and photo to tellusyourstory@samsclub.com.
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Wall of Honor: Honoring Veteran Associates

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